Yunnan Ruili outbreak overnight closure of the city 200,000 people for nucleic acid testing

The city of Ruili in China’s Yunnan Province issued a notice yesterday (4) overnight to take the strictest preventive and control measures in the city. The Yunnan Provincial Health Commission today (5) informed that three new local confirmed cases, all three of which were found in the nucleic acid test of the entire population of Ruili, are also being tested for nucleic acid in the city’s population of more than 200,000 permanent residents.

The Yunnan Provincial Health Commission issued a notice today, saying that there are three new confirmed cases in the province, including two cases of Chinese nationality and one case of Burmese nationality. The three cases, ranging in age from 34 to 51 years old, were all identified during nucleic acid testing of the entire population in Ruili City and were immediately transferred by negative pressure ambulance to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment. Combining epidemiological history, clinical manifestations and laboratory test results, all were diagnosed as confirmed cases of New Coronary Pneumonia (2 cases of common type and 1 case of light type). In addition, there were 5 confirmed cases imported from abroad, including 3 cases from Myanmar and 2 cases from Indonesia.

Ruili City, the epidemic prevention and control work command has also continued to issue notices to strengthen the management of personnel access and key areas, from 8:00 this morning, also in Ruili city, Wanchai area within the full range of nucleic acid testing, all personnel non-essential not to enter and exit.

In fact, this is not the first time Ruili closed the city, as early as the end of March this year, Ruili also had six cases of local confirmed cases, including four cases of Myanmar nationality. On September 12 last year, the Ruili City Epidemic Prevention and Control Command also had a city-wide home quarantine due to the presence of 2 confirmed cases imported from Myanmar.