Australian vegetarians break into KFC and throw paint: animal massacre

Tash Peterson, a well-known Australian vegetarian, was banned from entering any legally licensed business premises in Western Australia in April this year after leading a series of anti-meat protests, but she recently shifted her position and entered a KFC in Melbourne with a megaphone and fake blood. The recent shift of her position to bring a loudspeaker and fake blood into the KFC in Melbourne (Melbourne) caused a fuss again, forcing the police to arrive and remove her.

According to the Australian media “7 NEWS”, on Sunday, July 4, vegetarian Peterson brought a group of people into the KFC in Melbourne to protest, saying that KFC had murdered six-month-old baby animals and inflicted a lot of inhumane slaughter process, in addition, she also splashed red paint as fake blood inside the store, and appealed with a loudspeaker: “If you are not vegan, you are an animal abuser. Abolish animal slavery and end the animal holocaust.”

However, the protest was not supported by the store’s customers, with one woman saying they were too forceful and walking towards Peterson to express her displeasure: “No wonder people hate vegans!” , while some customers also felt helpless, arguing that they just wanted to eat.

According to reports, the protest lasted for 15 minutes, and police were reported to be present and concerned, and advised verbally, “You’ve made your point.” The protesters were asked to leave.

It is reported that this is not Peterson’s first demonstration protest, before she will also wear fake blood coated apron, stormed into McDonald’s and supermarkets and other stores to express dissatisfaction with meatism.