Belgian Ambassador to Korea’s Chinese wife involved in another violent incident

The Chinese wife of the Belgian ambassador to Korea, who previously attempted to escape punishment with diplomatic immunity after assaulting a clothing store clerk, was violent again, arguing and physically confronting a sanitation worker recently.

Korean police said on the 5th that Xiang Xueqiu, the wife of Belgian Ambassador to Korea Peter Lescouhier, got into an argument with a sanitation worker Lee, who belongs to the Yongsan-gu government, at 9:25 a.m. the same day in Seoul’s Hannam-dong’s Yeojido Park.

It is said that Lee was cleaning the park when he unintentionally touched a broom to Sang Xueqiu, and the two sides confronted each other loudly out of anger, and then pushed each other, and Sang Xueqiu was pushed to the ground.

Although Lee called the police, the Seoul Yongsan Police Station, which has jurisdiction over the area, did not receive a complaint because neither party wanted to be punished. However, Lee said during the investigation that he was slapped twice by Sang Seol-qiu and got angry before moving his hand, and Sang Seol-qiu also kicked away Lee’s lunch box that was placed in a corner of the park. And 2 weeks ago, Sang Seol-qiu had thrown tissue paper at his face.

Sang Seol-qiu, born in China in 1958, met Rescuy in China and arrived in South Korea in 2018 with her husband who had gone to the country.

On April 9 this year, Sang Seol-qiu was filed with police on suspicion of violence after he struck a sales clerk in the back of the head and slapped another sales clerk who blocked him from doing so at a clothing store in Seoul, causing the victim’s face to become red and swollen and his eyes to bleed.

According to the investigation, because Xueqiu was wearing the same style of clothing as the store, the clerk mistakenly thought she had not paid for the clothes and wore them away, so he went out to confirm and apologized after learning of the misunderstanding. However, Seol-qiu did not relent, shoving and beating the clerk, who had no choice but to call the police.

After the incident, the South Korean Foreign Ministry formally protested to the Belgian Embassy, Rescuy 22 through social media officially apologized, and said he would arrange for his wife to be investigated by the police.

Affected by the incident, the Belgian Embassy in South Korea issued a statement on the 28th that, in the best interests of the bilateral, Rescuy, who has been in office for three years, could not continue to perform his duties, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to relieve him of his duties this summer, and the couple will soon return to their country.

The Belgian Embassy in South Korea also said on Facebook on the 28th that Sang Seol-qiu waived his diplomatic immunity at the request of the South Korean police, and posted on the 29th that Sang Seol-qiu had privately apologized to the two shopkeepers. However, some Korean media pointed out that the so-called waiver of diplomatic immunity of Sang Seol-qiu, only willing to accept the police investigation, but will not accept the court trial and other judicial procedures.

After the relevant surveillance came to light, Sang Seol-qiu’s rude behavior was also condemned by Korean netizens. In addition to hitting people, she can also be seen in the surveillance inside the store trying on white pants directly while wearing external shoes.

In early June, Seulgiu Sang appeared at Yongsan Police Station as a suspect for investigation, but the police decided not to transfer her to the police station on the grounds that she had no right to prosecute, taking into account diplomatic immunity.