Yunnan Ruili new native cases again closed city

The border town of Ruili in Yunnan, China, has once again seen new confirmed indigenous cases. On Monday, Ruili City announced that from July 5 to 6, full nucleic acid testing will be conducted within the Ruili urban area and the Wanchai area. The whole city closed the passage out of Ruili.

After 74 days, Ruili again has a confirmed indigenous case. The city of Ruili, Yunnan Province, confirmed through a press conference on Monday (5) that of the three confirmed local cases this Sunday, two are Chinese nationals and one is a Burmese national. The mayor of Ruili City, Shang Labian, said at the conference that full nucleic acid testing will be carried out within the Ruili urban area and the Wanchai area from July 5 to 6. Ruili City has now launched a Level 3 response to public health emergencies, closing the departure channel and the online departure approval function, and closed the area where the confirmed person lives, prohibiting people and vehicles from going out.

Mr. Kong, a resident of Dehong Prefecture, said in an inquiry with our reporter this Tuesday (6) that the infected person is from Myanmar and that people and vehicles in Ruili are banned from leaving the area due to the epidemic.

“Chinese people, right, from Burma, the virus should be slowly spread from the Indian side. It is not allowed to enter or leave Ruili city. Usually after four or five days, if it can be controlled, only then will be unblocked.”

Reporter: Are you vaccinated now?
Answer: We all had the Kexing vaccine.

On Tuesday, Ruili City held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, referring to July 5, three new local confirmed cases and two asymptomatic infected persons in Yunnan Province. All five of the aforementioned people recently resided in Sistering and were identified during nucleic acid testing of the entire population of Ruili City. Officials said the city is conducting genetic sequencing of all positive specimens, and the Sagao Guomen community has been adjusted to a medium-risk area.
The city of Ruili is located in western Yunnan Province, a border crossing city dominated by the Dai and Jingpo ethnic groups, and adjacent to the national port city of Muzha in Myanmar, which has a total population of 210,000. on April 8, the city’s municipal party secretary Gong Yunzun was removed from his party position and political duties and demoted to first-class researcher due to the emergence of indigenous confirmed cases. But three months later, the outbreak resurfaced.

Wuhan resident Mr. Li told the station that the city is now doing its best to prevent the introduction of the epidemic and that people from outside the country need to be quarantined for nearly a month when they arrive in Wuhan.

“Wuhan is a 14-day quarantine for people from outside the country, or they can go elsewhere for another 14 days, which is 28 days. As for whether there is a local confirmation, we are not even too sure now.”

Ruili Mayor Shang Labian said at a conference on the new crown pneumonia epidemic that as of 8 p.m. Tuesday, nearly 240,000 cumulative samples had been taken, 761 people had been identified for transit close contact and sub-close contact, all of whom were placed under centralized isolation for medical observation.

The report said that the city of Ruili, Dehong Prefecture in more than half a year, three consecutive incidents of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, especially the “3-29” epidemic event, a serious impact and damage to China, the province’s epidemic prevention and control of the overall situation, a serious impact and impact on the province’s economic and social development and the overall situation, resulting in serious consequences and adverse effects.