Let the sun always shine on you

The sun broke through the clouds, over the roof of the building in front of us, and into our office. The weather finally cleared up, after ten or so days of continuous cloudy rain, wringing a handful, everyone’s heart can wring out a big pot of water.

He hurried up to me and asked me for leave to go home for a trip. I looked at the time, 2:15 pm. Every time, as long as the weather is sunny, he will take half an hour off around this time and go home for a spin. I didn’t know much about his family, except that he lived with his grandmother. He was an orphan, and his grandmother brought him up by herself. Now that his grandmother is old, it is not safe for him to stay home alone, so it is right to go back often to see him, and the good thing is that the unit is not far from his home, a ten-minute ride away, so I will grant leave every time. I just don’t understand why he always chooses to go back at this time, and must be in the weather on a good day?

It just so happens that he has to go to a unit near his home to talk about a business. I said, let’s go together, you turn down from home, then we go together to talk business.

The sun was sometimes warm on us as we rode through the streets and alleys.

Turned into a small alley and stopped in front of an old gray residential building. Surrounded by tall buildings, making this old building look especially short, the shadow of the tall building in front, like a cage, covers the old building. He said, my family lives here, go in and sit down?

I nodded.

Into the building hole, a sudden darkness in front of the eyes, the eyes can not adapt.

The second floor. He took out the key and opened the door. The house was very dim, and an old lady’s voice came from the inner room: “It’s Bin, you’re back?” Bin was his name. He answered loudly, “Grandma, it’s me, and my leader, who also stopped by to see you.

He greeted me and sat down in the living room, then hurried into the room, carried a quilt, and walked to the balcony. Then, he came back into the room, supported an old lady, and slowly walked out. I stood up and greeted the old man. The old man smiled tremulously.

He assisted the old man to the balcony, and I hurried to help by going up and pulling the door of the balcony open. Very cramped old-fashioned balcony, there is a recliner, a bed quilt laid on the recliner, almost the entire balcony full, the side of a few plates of flowers and plants. He helped his grandmother to the recliner and lie down. I was amazed to see that a sunlight spilled on the chaise lounge, which came from the gap between the two tall buildings in front of it. The old man squinted his eyes and smiled, saying that the sun had finally cleared up, and the sun was just right today.

He helped his grandmother to press the blanket: the weather forecast said that the next few days would be sunny.

The old man covered his forehead with his hand, “That’s good. Well, Bin, you should go to work now. He whispered in his grandmother’s ear and said, “Be careful when you go back to your room later.

Saying goodbye to the old man and walking out the door, he suddenly stood still and talked to me. He said, because the building in front of us is too high, the sunlight is blocked, and only for one hour from 2:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon can a little sunlight come in and shine on the balcony. The sunlight at this time is at an angle of exactly 65 degrees to the ground. He said that his grandmother is old, poor health, legs and feet are not convenient, can not go downstairs to sunbathe, so as long as the sunny day, there is sunshine, he will come home, help his grandmother in the balcony to put a good recliner, spread the quilt, and then help his grandmother to the balcony, lying in the sun.

So that’s how it was. I patted him heavily on the shoulder. There was a time when I thought a little bit of him for often taking time off in the middle of work. It is rare that he is so filial, so attentive, so thoughtful.

He sighed and told me that when he was a child, the buildings in front of his house, one by one, had been tree up, but they were the only old building that had not been demolished. The tall building, the whole of their home shrouded in shadow, almost all year round do not see the sun, drying clothes, in fact, are basically dry shade. Over time, the entire old building, are emitting a damp musty smell. However, it is strange, in winter, he covered the quilt, but always warm, fluffy, diffused a breath of sunshine.

Later he learned that as long as the weather was clear and there was sun, his grandmother would rush home on time and take the quilts on his bed to the balcony to sunbathe. The time that the sun shines on their balcony is only a short hour, so it is always his quilts that his grandmother takes to the sun. At that time, the grandmother just retired, help others as a part-time worker, he and the customer only one request, is that when the sky is clear, 2:30 p.m., the holiday to let her back home.

His eyes, wet. He said, as a child, he wore clothes, always dry and clean, from him, you can hardly smell a bit of the old building’s musty gray breath. He said that his grandmother shone all the sunlight that could reach their home onto his clothes and quilts. He waved his hand firmly and said, “Now, my biggest goal is to buy a house that gets sunlight as soon as possible, so that my grandmother can live in the sunshine in her old age.

I believe he can do it.

Looking back, the shadow of the building in front of me, has enveloped this old residential building, but I vaguely see, another beam of sunlight, has been shining it, warm, bright, lasting.