Global number of new coronary infections rebounding again WHO urges not to relax too soon

The WHO announced on July 7 that there are more than 4 million new crown deaths worldwide, while warning countries not to relax control measures prematurely. The French government reiterated its appeal to the public to get vaccinated.

WHO announced at its regular press conference on July 7 that the number of new crown deaths worldwide exceeds 4 million and that the total number may be underestimated. WHO warned countries not to prematurely lift the extensive restrictions imposed to contain the new crown pandemic, including those with high vaccination rates.

Ryan, WHO’s head of health emergencies, called on governments to be cautious, noting that there would be serious consequences if restrictions to control the outbreak were completely lifted at this critical time, especially in countries with low vaccination rates, which could pose a further threat.

The outbreak has also recently rebounded in the United States, as the Delta variant is raging in countries with low vaccination rates.

The French government is again urging vaccination of the population, noting that this is an important response to the spread of the delta variant strain in the fight against the epidemic, without which France could soon experience a fourth new peak of infection. The French government is again expanding the authorization of vaccination to include pharmacists, laboratory personnel and medical students, while it is considering reintroducing border restrictions and wider use of health passes. Currently, 40 % of the new cases in France are infected with delta virus.