Yunnan indigenous outbreak is highly homologous to Delta variant virus

The Yunnan provincial government said Wednesday that a number of positive samples of the new crown cases showed that the genome sequence of the virus was highly homologous to the Delta variant.

The official micro-signal of the Yunnan Provincial Government Information Office, Yunnan Release, said the city of Ruili in Yunnan Province held a press conference on Wednesday to prevent and control the outbreak. Authorities said at the conference that they had sequenced seven positive samples, and the results showed that the genome sequences were highly homologous to neighboring strains endemic outside the country.

In late May, the Delta variant, considered the most transmissible virus, first entered China and developed community transmission in Guangzhou. Indigenous confirmed cases began to appear in Yunnan province on the 4th of this month, and there have been 21 confirmed cases and two asymptomatic infections.

At midnight on Wednesday, the Yunnan border city of Ruili began a home quarantine for all citizens in the main city, schools and training institutions in the city were closed, and people leaving the city for special reasons were required to have a negative 48-hour nucleic acid test report.