This speech ten years ago

Han Han was invited to speak at Xiamen University in 2010. In a forum titled “The so-called great nation culture”, Han Han said that China’s censorship system is harmful to the country’s culture, and he hoped that everyone would not be silent and protect the country from persecution.

Hello, everyone. I’m here in Xiamen for the second time, and the air here is very nice, so no wonder people like to walk.

Just now I heard Mr. Deng say something about patriotism, and then I thought of two sentences that I had read earlier, which were said by others and not by me. The first sentence is “Patriotism is the last refuge of the rascals. The second sentence is “True patriotism is to protect the country from the government’s persecution. “

Then today I also prepared something to say, and I brought a draft paper. This is to discipline myself in case there is any persecution and I’m afraid I’m going to be full of shit.

Here we go.

Dear leaders, teachers, students.

Hello, everyone.

Do you know why China has not become a cultural power? Because in most of our speeches, “leaders” always come first, and the leaders are all uneducated. Not only that, they are afraid of culture, they are censorious of culture, but they can control culture. So how can this country become a cultural power? What do you think, leaders?

In fact, China has the potential to become a cultural power. I want to edit a magazine has not been published. The constitution states that every citizen has the freedom to publish. But our royal law also stipulates that the leader has the freedom to deny you the right to publish. The magazine had some problems with censorship in many places: there is a cartoon in it, the main character is a man, he is not wearing clothes – of course this is not allowed, because the relevant laws and regulations stipulate that we can not show the pubic area in the public magazine – but I agree with this. -But this I approve, I think there is no problem. So I specifically put a very large logo on that part of the magazine where it wasn’t legal. All of a sudden the publisher and the censor told us that this was not allowed, that you were blocking the middle of the person, that this was a metaphor for the “Party Central Committee”. My reaction was the same as everyone else’s – I was thunderstruck. I was thinking, “My friend, how wonderful it would be to put your amazing imagination in literary creation instead of literary censorship.

Through this story I want to tell you that in fact we are all very imaginative. Of course, we can only think about many things, we can not do, can not write, and even on many occasions can not say. We have too many restrictions, this is a restricted country. How can a very rich culture be produced in a restricted country? I am already a comrade with few self-restrictions, but when I put pen to paper I can’t help but think that the police can’t write, the leaders can’t write, the policies can’t write, the system can’t write, the judiciary can’t write, a lot of history can’t write, Tibet can’t write, Xinjiang can’t write, rallies can’t write, fads can’t write, yellow can’t write, blockades can’t write, art can’t write… -And I can’t write about elegance. I really can’t write something that elegant, and I’m not Yu Qiuyu.

Some of the articles published on the Internet have been relatively large scale. Many friends who write scripts, I know some friends who write scripts, like Ning Cai Shen ah write some drama, and some movie script TV series (the author), they are very painful. In such a cultural environment, I have been thinking, how to become a cultural power? Unless there are only China, North Korea and Afghanistan left in the world. North Korea is a forbidden place for culture, and everyone knows that; Afghanistan is still not clear about the situation in the country, and they can’t care about culture yet. But even so, they already have a writer who wrote “The Kite Runner”, but of course, it is a pity that it was not published in Afghanistan. I think it is not impossible for Afghanistan to surpass China once they have figured it out.

We can no longer take the Four Great Books and the Way of Confucius and Mencius in international communication, as we know, this is like a woman asking you if you have money when you are on a blind date, you say my ancestors are very rich. It’s useless. This tragedy has nothing to do with everyone. Although it is said that the road to North Korea is paved by every silent person. But on the one hand, we are certainly much better than North Korea, because we know what North Korea is like. On the other hand, I believe that many of us here are not silent – we are just being harmonized. In the history of the fight against pornography in China, probably many students – I think we all know – after all, they are college students – although they are no longer in the textbooks now, that is, Teresa Teng and Liu Wenzheng are yellow, nasty and obscene. But because more people listen to them, they become yellow, dirty, they are not obscene. But in the end, the whole country is listening to them, so they are not yellow and not dirty anymore. If we can all oppose cultural censorship, so that there are no words other than anti-human words in our shield, then we can create a great cultural nation. Even if your name and mine will enter the blocked words in the process, I believe that a blocked word bank has its maximum capacity – every new word added to it is accelerating its demise.

So I hope that our news media practitioners, our student teachers, every cultural practitioner and enthusiast, including every moderator, can work to make our blocking and censorship less and less. Our leaders – note that this leader is separate from everyone – our leaders, our government, can be confident enough to make culture more open. I know our leaders like to export our culture to foreign countries, thinking that this is a symbol of a strong country, but I think you can’t lose your existing culture. When we create works, every author and every practitioner is constantly censoring themselves. In such a creative environment, I think how can we produce decent works? All over the world, you castrate all the works like a news broadcast for foreigners to watch, trying to export Chinese culture. I think we have to wait for the collapse of our real estate industry before we can talk about whether China has really risen economically or not. But if a country really rises culturally, then it must be a strong country, and I think there is no danger of a collapse.

Finally, back to our blocked thesaurus – the more words a blocked thesaurus has in it, the weaker the country’s culture will probably be. But our government will give you a lot of explanations, and they will tell you that we are doing this to protect the youth and for the stability of the society. Culture is free, so they have the right to block any information and culture that endangers the youth and destabilizes the society. But if you agree, sooner or later you will find that when you complain about what happened to you, they will block you for the crime of destabilizing society. At the end of the day any speech that is detrimental to the ruling class and detrimental to their access to benefits is destabilizing to the society and is harmful to the youth. If we tolerated the Green Dam Flower Season Escort at that time, soon we will see the Green Dam Flower Armor Escort. By then we will not just see the dying of culture. So students, we can’t let this day come. Otherwise in the future, years from now, we will all be the laughing stock in your grandchildren’s history books that are received via satellite in electronic textbooks.

The following comments were collected by China Digital Times editors from Weibo.

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I want to hit ten women a day: “If we can all come against cultural censorship, so that our shield words in addition to those anti-human words, no other words, then we can go to create a cultural power. Even in this process, your name and mine will enter this blocked word bank, but I believe that a blocked word bank has its maximum capacity, and every new word added is actually accelerating its demise. “

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