Second half of 2021: Outbreaks Vaccines Virus traceability

Half a year has passed since 2021, how does it feel? Many people say that the first half of the year has been worse than 2020. 2020 was already like the end of the world, and they thought 2021 would be better, but who knows that the epidemic is even more fierce than 2020, the blockade is even harsher and longer than 2020, and the fines are even more than 2020 ……

Since the New Coronavirus (CCP virus) has spread around the world, the health systems of many countries have been overwhelmed, many families have lost their loved ones, and the economies have lived and died several times due to repeated blockades. Governments don’t care anymore about printing money and borrowing in order to stabilize the people, making the market weird now: the economy is in a mess, but the stock market and housing market are unusually hot.

So what will happen in the second half of 2021? According to the predictions of several famous astrologers, the virus will still be raging in many countries in many variants; and Western governments, however, are full of hope that the vaccine will repel the virus and make the pandemic disappear, so that the economy can operate normally. The people, of course, have had to endure the year-long blockade, and they are desperately hoping that there will never be another pandemic.

But now there are all sorts of variants of the virus that are worrying people. What is this virus all about, and how is it fighting with the vaccine? The vaccine, which was created after so much effort, and which was expected to be infinitely promising, now seems to be helpless against the Alpha variant, Delta variant, Delta Plus variant, and so on. Whether the economy can reopen in the second half of the year, and for how long, depends on how the two armies engage.

There is one more exceptionally difficult, but necessary, issue in the second half of the year, and that is the traceability of the virus. If mankind does not know whether the virus is naturally occurring, or artificially modified, or accidentally leaked from a biochemical weapons test, then the future of mankind will still be shrouded under the dark cloud of the new crown virus or whatever it is. But this matter is no less difficult than the battle between vaccines and mutations, because it involves the Chinese Communist Party.

The world’s earliest known New Coronavirus patient was clearly in Wuhan, but now the CCP is not only denying it, but destroying the original strain of the virus and not allowing WHO investigators to go to the Wuhan P4 virus lab. The US and the West know that the CCP wants to save face and are prepared to give the CCP all the face they can get if the CCP will hand over the original data. Nay, the CCP destroyed a large number of the original virus strains, emptied the entire class of Wuhan seafood market, and also flatly denied that there were patients with Wuhan-like virus before December. In turn, the CCP war wolves also attacked on all sides, saying one moment that the United States was the origin, and the next that Italy was the origin.

The chain of international authorities, which was concealed for the CCP and is now gradually coming to the surface, has also surprised the world. Last year, 27 renowned scientists published a letter in the Lancet, the most authoritative journal in the medical field, to label the suspicion of a “virus lab leak” as a “conspiracy theory” and play a double act with the Chinese Communist Party. Now, after verification, we know that the main person in the letter had granted a large amount of U.S. taxpayer money to the Wuhan virus laboratory to do research on the Sars virus, the first generation of the new coronavirus. It is very worrying whether this money will be used by the Chinese Communist Party to modify the virus to make it easy to invade the human body. And in publishing the letter, the leading figure concealed his ties to the CCP virus lab from The Lancet, pretending that he was neutral and had no conflict of interest.

It is actually quite creepy that the CCP denies so strongly about the New Coronavirus and the international chain of authority covers up so much for the CCP. If the matter of the New Coronavirus is related to the CCP’s manufacture of biochemical weapons, then the threat to the world is unimaginable. So, hopefully, in the second half of 2021, the world will be able to break through the Chinese Communist Party’s defenses and find out the real source of the New Coronavirus.