The second case in Shanghai within a month of a returnee doctor slitting the throat of his superior, the victim died on the spot

The murder of the director of a research institute of the Shanghai Municipal Design Institute by a returnee doctor with a knife is the same as the murder at Fudan University in Shanghai. The analysis suggests that the official system in China’s universities inspires conflicts and creates corruption.

Bloodstained crime scene

According to several netizens on Sina Weibo, a murder of a slit throat occurred at Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, 901 Zhongshan North Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai on Monday (5). The hospital’s landscape designer Liu, because the contract was not renewed, angry in the elevator on the director of the attack, a fatal knife.

Several photos of the scene show that the crime scene in the elevator bloodstained, the building entrance, a man fell to the ground, the crowd with a frightened look around.

Commentary refers to the system corruption infiltration in various fields

Shanghai’s retired university teacher Gu Guoping, the second case of homicide of a returnee doctor in Shanghai within a month, said in an interview with this station on Wednesday (7) that intellectuals in China kill people, which used to be very rare.

Gu Guoping said: generally intellectuals are more rational and tolerant, especially the returnees. If you can push the returnees, it means that the problem has reached a serious level of illness. Especially in the field of campus science and technology, the arrogance of official power is very powerful, very much about the hierarchy, it can easily kill talented, ideal people.

Zhang Jianping, a concerned commentator on current affairs in Yixing, Jiangsu province, said in an interview with the station that the recent spate of two similar murders in Shanghai highlights the institutional corruption that has permeated all fields.

Zhang Jianping said: this kind of corruption in academia is going to develop into a vicious incident, our top management should reflect on it. Do we want to reform our political system or not? Do we want to break the relationship between the interests of the officialdom? This is a matter of concern.

At present, no official media coverage of the incident, the relevant pictures have been blocked. A netizen message said that this incident leads to the current problem of the Chinese design industry in general, that is, the middle leaders do not act, love to grab credit, love to dump the pot. The design institute project as soon as the middle leaders run first, pushing the responsibility to underlings, but the work is pressed on the designers, leading to intensifying conflicts.

Shanghai police official microblogging account this Tuesday (6) issued a briefing, said July 5 at 17:10, Yangpu District, Zhongshan North Road II, a company within a knife wounding case. The suspect is 34-year-old Liu, an employee of the company, has been controlled by the police. The deceased Xu, 38, also an employee of the company, died after being sent to the hospital for rescue. It also said that, after preliminary interrogation, the suspect Liu was armed with a knife to hurt Xu because of a work-related grudge.

June 7, Shanghai Fudan University returnee teacher Jiang Wenhua, allegedly because of dissatisfaction with the leadership of the school long-term framing, so the party secretary Wang Yongzhen with a sharp knife to slit his throat, resulting in his death on the spot. It is rumored that Jiang Wenhua did not meet the standards after the six-year assessment period and was dismissed with a vengeance.

After this murder, there are still many netizens who spout their grievances and sympathize with the perpetrator regarding the unfair treatment in the system. Some scholars believe that this phenomenon, which is unique to Chinese society, is a product of the authoritarian system.