You have to listen to us in everything!

First of all, I would like to inform our friends who are concerned about Ou Biao Fengzi about the current situation: Ou Biao Fengzi lost his freedom since December 3 last year, and was first placed under administrative detention for 15 days for the crime of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”, and then for the crime of “inciting subversion of state power”. He was then placed under residential surveillance for six months. After a long period of supervision, he was transferred to Zhuzhou City No. 1 Detention Center in Zhuzhou City on June 16, 2021, and is still in criminal detention.

On the afternoon of July 5, accompanied by a lawyer friend, I first went to the Zhuzhou City Supervision Center to save Ou Biao Feng’s living expenses, and then rushed to the Zhuzhou City Public Security Bureau, where my friend wanted to accompany me to talk to them, but Guobao refused to receive me. The friend wanted to accompany me to talk to them, but Guobao did not receive me, so I ended up going in alone.

The focus of the conversation or Ou Biao Feng’s defense back to the question, Guo Bao has always been: “Ou Biao Feng initiative to request two Zhuzhou local lawyers” I asked: “Can not we hire a lawyer ourselves?” Zhuzhou Guobao Li Zhaohui said: “What role can the lawyer you hire? Can help Ou Biao Feng to fight for a few years less sentence?” I said, “It depends on you.” Captain Li suddenly echoed loudly, “Yes! So you have to listen to us! Do whatever I tell you to do! What’s the point of all those tricks?” At that moment, I suddenly had some awakening, they said so much to our families, and all the work done, is not to make us listen to him in everything? This is also the time, I feel that we can no longer listen to him, what family cooperation for fast and light treatment are only to make the family obedient bait, all listen to them, the result is that our family members finally at their mercy. But how can we stand by and watch this beast devour our family members so easily?

Looking back now, I find it quite ironic that we were so easily caught in the middle of how common this is in civic circles. They monopolized the information and prevented the family and lawyers from meeting with Ou Biao Feng, and we family members could only listen to their words about what Ou Biao Feng’s life was like inside and whether he was fighting. They always say that Ou Biaofeng has a lot of things to do, a lot of things, they just take a piece on the line to give him a heavy sentence is very easy. So whether it is the family, or Ou Biaofeng himself, can only cooperate with them well, for a lighter treatment.

In the end, Ou Biaofeng’s case is just about grassroots civil political resistance. For nearly a decade, Ou Biaofeng has been involved in street movements in the south, participating in various spectacles, including the Jiansanjiang incident, solidarity with 709 lawyers, solidarity with Hong Kong, reporting on civil rights events, family support visits, forming a community of citizens defending the same city, welcoming lawyers and citizen friends from all over Hunan, organizing citizen training on human rights defense experience, and publishing articles on solidarity with Xu Zhihui in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has published articles in Hong Kong and Taiwan in solidarity with Xu Zhiyong, written about the current state of civil society, often interviewed by foreign media, commented on hot events in civil society, expressed solidarity with the woman who threw ink, assisted the family members who eventually got into trouble, and for so many years, he did what he had to do.

Now it’s our turn to call out for him and let him see the warmth and strength of the community.

As a family member, I solemnly declare that in order for Ou Biao Feng’s legal rights to be fully protected, we will never give up our right to hire a lawyer for Ou Biao Feng who can truly serve his rights. We will never accept anyone we do not know or trust as Ou Biao Feng’s advocate unless we have his confirmation in person.

Ou Biao Feng’s wife Wei Huanhuan July 6, 2021