Australia’s deputy prime minister warns: Chinese Communist regime’s threat is fiercer than the new coronavirus

Australia’s increasingly hardline policy toward China has been reinforced by Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s recent sternly worded warning that China is “more of a threat to Australia than a virus” and his criticism of Xi Jinping’s belligerence and paranoia in his speech on the centenary of the Communist Party’s founding. He also criticized Xi Jinping’s speech on the centenary of the Communist Party’s founding as a sign of belligerence and paranoia. He called on Australia to strengthen itself and stop the Communist Party’s expansion.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Joyce recently warned that China’s quest for a new global order is also the greatest existential threat to Australia, describing China as a more serious threat than the New Coronavirus or climate change.

Feng Chongyi, a professor of political science at the University of Technology Sydney, said Joyce’s early warning about the Chinese threat represents the position of China in the minds of many people, but few politicians have expressed it so directly.

Feng Chongyi said: Joyce’s anti-communist stance has always been more resolute, and not many Western politicians dare to speak like this publicly, viewing the threat of the CCP as greater than the threat of the new crown, a statement that represents a trend of thought about how to face the threat of the CCP. With Xi Jinping’s very bloody expression of strapping the Chinese to a chariot to threaten the world, Australia feels that China has its hand on its doorstep and that the CCP regime is threatening the entire international order. They have always underestimated the ambitions of the CCP.

Chen Weijian, editor-in-chief of Beijing Spring, also points out that the CCP political virus is eroding the democratic system, which is at the heart of Joyce’s comparison of the CCP to the New Crown virus.

Chen Weijian said: His statement actually speaks to the essence of the CCP, and now the whole world has experienced that the CCP system itself is a political virus that is trying to put the same set of things that the CCP ruled into the world, to change the best democratic institutions. Australia has a deeper understanding of China than other countries, and was the first country to start the virus, and has played a big role in leading New Zealand.

Australian media outlet Sky News also quoted Joyce as criticizing Xi Jinping’s speech on the centenary of the Communist Party’s founding, saying he saw in it a sense of totalitarianism that showed China’s growing belligerence and paranoia in international affairs. He called on Australia to “make itself stronger,” to be independent and to keep the Australian economy strong in order to deal with the advent of a “new order” in the world dominated by China.

The Chinese people will never allow any foreign power to bully, oppress or enslave us, and anyone who tries to do so will be left bleeding in front of the great wall of steel built with flesh and blood by more than 1.4 billion Chinese people,” Xi said in a speech on the centenary of the party.

In August 2019, Australian Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, chairman of the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, made a comment comparing the Chinese Communist Party, which is expanding rapidly around the world, to the Nazis, criticizing the West for failing to effectively curb the expansion of the Chinese Communist Party because they misjudged that China would promote democratization through economic development. Hastie asked the Australian government to see the Chinese Communist threat and face a serious test.

The Chinese Embassy in Australia, which criticized Hastie’s “Cold War mentality” at the time, has not yet responded to Joyce’s comments, nor has it returned our request for comment.