Couples six ways to stop the war

There is no permanent calm in love life, and quarrels can be an elastic band for the rhythm of life. Of course, it is important not to get into arguments too long and too often, and to quickly get back together after a fight. Six good ways to stop the war, so that your war quickly calm, and moreover teach you to “smart quarrel”, cleverly avoid the negative impact of the quarrel, so that the happiness continues uninterrupted!

A. Do not reopen old scores

The most likely situation when quarrelling is driven by one thing, the chain reaction traction a series of old stories, resulting in the situation intensified or even unmanageable. Obviously things have already passed, but always love to rehash the old story, “the last time you also did the same ……” “you also once made the same mistake” and so on, so that the right and wrong from one thing up to who The height of the aggravation of more, transformed into a criticism of the General Assembly.

Tips: The smart thing to do is to talk about the matter, to give a reasonable solution to the root cause of the quarrel, to say why they do so reasons, to listen to each other’s advice, rather than escalate the quarrel.

Two, avoid talking about it

An important principle in living in harmony is to not let the fight go on overnight. Although this may sound a bit difficult, and often when you are tired of arguing, you would like to stop it and rest and talk about it tomorrow. But the longer the conflict stays, the easier it is for the heart to change, and it’s hard to control what kind of emotions both sides will become tomorrow, and it’s also possible that you will regain your sanity while the other side gets into a bull’s eye.

Tips: If you decide to implement this principle, then you must stick to it in the nick of time. Want to let the war quickly calm down, quickly give a reasonable, wise explanation and solution, so that both sides are relaxed, and thus can sleep well, and do not have to go to bed with a heavy heart, so as not to affect the quality of sleep.

Third, learn to accept each other

We must admit that even in the love of two people can not be exactly the same, otherwise the other party must be a replica, rather than a flesh-and-blood person with a mind. One of the easiest situations to get into when arguing is trying to get the other person to accept their point of view, when right or wrong is not important, but more like a battle for control and existence.

Tips: Honey, learning to accept each other and their different ways of view is also an important lesson in love, and can also be said to be the growth that arguing brings us. Learn to accept each other, so that they tolerate more and more energy, your heart can be more and more open.

Four, find the root cause of the problem

This matter seems simple, but in fact many people are confused by its appearance. The first thing to figure out is that the quarrel is a kind of attitude he showed to upset you or the way of behavior – want to solve the most important to see the essence through the phenomenon, to discover the origin of things to be resolved, rather than dwell on the surface of things. Staying in the performance of the event, not only in solving the problem will not help, but also likely to relapse several times in the future.

Tips: Attitudes and behaviors occur at the root of the person’s judgment decision to treat the matter, many times different attitudes depend on a different perspective on the issue stand. Change the way you look at things from the other side’s point of view, maybe you can understand why he did it, the quarrel can be put to rest. You can also try to get the other person to think in your shoes, so that he understands the reasons for your habitual thinking behavior. This will not only really solve the problem, but also to understand each other.

Five, use less sensitive words

People in anger is very easy to mouth, burst out some “absolutely not allowed how to how” “forbidden how to how” and a series of fierce offensive words, these can only make the quarrel more aggravated, but also did not make people’s emotional psychological better suffer some.

Tips: In fact, the fight is easy to reflect a person’s upbringing and manners, which has nothing to do with personality. The thing to understand about solving the problem is that the frequent use of sensitive words is not helpful at all, but easy to intensify the situation. Do not say sensitive words, in fact, is more conducive to both sides rational and sober communication, in a good atmosphere of the environment, people are more likely to make reasonable and correct judgment decisions.

Six, do not forget the most important

It is important to know that in a relationship arguments are inevitable. This is one of the correct attitudes towards relationships and life. Fear of quarrels and bending over backwards, or questioning love because of quarrels, is not the right attitude to quarrels, and under the influence of this pessimistic or radical attitude, love can easily deteriorate.

Tips: It can be said that arguing is a special way for two people to understand each other in depth, it may not look so nice and warm, but it allows you to see the other half hidden in the depths of the character traits and way of thinking, so you can more clearly grasp each other’s pulse. As long as the right way to treat the quarrel, in fact, it can be a booster of love, but also the love life of the wonderful fun.