There is a tyranny, there is a mob, the people have the right to demand an explanation

After the death of Leung Kin-fai, some people took the initiative to pay their respects by laying flowers at the crime scene, which senior government officials pointed out as glorifying terrorist activities and threatened to criminalize with the National Security Law. Some seemingly rational opinion leaders also condemned Leung Kin-fai’s violence with a twisted argument, singing in unison with the government.

Why did Leung Kin-fai handily kill the police officers? No one knows the real reason at the moment. A man who puts his own life on the line to commit a violent act that he had to do must have his reasons. It is useless just to condemn violence, but to find out his psychological roots.

Leung Kin-fai’s murder was not an ordinary terrorist activity, not an indiscriminate attack. He chose to attack police officers on the street in downtown Causeway Bay on July 1, the day of the party’s celebration, and he did not flee the scene after the murder, but killed himself on the spot. Obviously, he was prepared to take his life for his life, he knew that stabbing a police officer is a crime, punishable by law, he took the trouble to punish himself by the hand of the law.

With elderly parents at home and a legitimate career, what kind of mental journey did he go through before making this decision? How he measured his actions and costs, how to make this huge determination, which can not be summed up by the simple words “terrorist activities”.

No one knows whether it was a personal vendetta or public anger between Leung Kin Fai and the police. He was deeply involved in the anti-China campaign, so could it be that on some occasions he had been treated unfairly by the police, and had been subjected to bone chilling humiliation and physical and mental injuries? How deep these injuries are, outsiders can not appreciate, if he burns day and night for his heart’s hatred, long time life is worse than death, then he chose to die to show his will, that is not the common sense of man?

A mainland Yang Jia, because of the humiliation of public security beatings, and kill six public security officers, in order to “demand an explanation”. Deng Yujiao, a woman in a massage parlor on the mainland, also killed a drunken official because she could not stand the humiliation. Yang Jia was finally brought to justice and Deng Yujiao was given a light sentence. Both violent incidents were not seen as brutal terrorist attacks, but as righteous revenge.

As the Hong Kong people say, if you do it on the first day, I will do it on the fifteenth day, that is, if you can ruin me today, I can return it to you tomorrow. The United States suffered September 11, the Bush administration launched the Iraq War, overthrowing Saddam’s regime within a few days, and put Saddam on the spot. The U.S. is violent enough, but the U.S. does not care what other countries say, because in that situation of serious humiliation and victimization, without fighting this war, the U.S. government will have to step down, because the American people will not agree.

As for China, not all day long advocate “offenders of my China will be investigated despite the distance”? What is that if not revenge? In the late 1970s, because of a skirmish on the Sino-Vietnamese border, Deng Xiaoping launched a war against Vietnam, invading the country directly and withdrawing only after occupying Lang Son, which went beyond revenge and was a declaration of intent to the United States.

Since the anti-China movement, the Hong Kong government has used the police in total violation of the laws that have been in use in Hong Kong for a century. The police have openly shot at citizens, they have beaten and humiliated people and even raped them indecently, and many young people in Hong Kong have died in vain. The police could break the law and commit violence against the public, they could use triads to attack the public indiscriminately, and all these horrible acts of the regime were not sanctioned by the law.

Until the National Security Law came into force, the government has intensified its efforts to arrest and sentence people indiscriminately, imprison them without trial, freeze their property, stifle normal business activities, and stifle the media’s space for activities. The government’s use of terror to suppress the people is legal, and the people’s use of violence to respond to the government’s terror is illegal.

Since ancient times, the government forces the people to rebel, and the people have to rebel. The government is the strong one and Leung Kin-fai is the weak one. The government is armed and Leung Kin-fai can only fight with his life. The government does not give the public an explanation. The public has the right to ask the government for an explanation, regardless of the tactics used by the public, it is justified. If that was a terrorist activity, it was a response from the public to the government’s terrorist activity, just like Yang Jia.

We don’t know much about what Mr. Leung Kin Fai went through, so don’t jump to conclusions too early. If he suffered an injustice that we can’t imagine and couldn’t calm his inner humiliation, it’s at least understandable that he took drastic measures to retaliate. It is justified for a man of blood to die with his enemies. A seven-foot body, a man who can be killed but not humiliated, a man who is open and honest, a man who takes on life and death, this is a real man and a real righteous man!

The dictatorial government is most concerned about the backlash of the people. The public mourning for Leung Kin Fai proves that justice lies in the hearts of the people, and this has hit the government where it hurts. In a free society, people are free to express their love and hate. I hate the government, I sympathize with those who are persecuted by the government, I understand those citizens who seek revenge against the government. The government can impose a reign of terror on the people, but the people also have the right to ask the government for an explanation.