7.1 stabbing police bloodbath Hong Kong government 4 hours to qualify “terrorist attack”

On July 1, Hong Kong’s handover day and the Communist Party’s celebration, a 28-year-old police officer in Causeway Bay was attacked and injured by a man with a knife, who later killed himself and eventually died. In less than four hours after the incident, the Hong Kong government immediately qualified the incident as a “lone wolf homegrown terrorist attack”, and claimed that people who “incite hatred of the country” were responsible.

Thursday (1) marks the 24th anniversary of the handover of sovereignty in Hong Kong and the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. The entire Causeway Bay area are heavily guarded by police officers, constantly intercepting and checking the public, a high degree of vigilance against public gatherings and marches.

After nightfall about 10 o’clock, Causeway Bay calm, but there are still a large number of police officers in the East Point Road area on alert. Suddenly, a 50-year-old man Leung Kin-fai with a knife attacked a 28-year-old uniformed police officer from behind, the police officer fell to the ground with a knife in the left back, and then sent to Queen Mary Hospital. The man then stabbed himself in the chest, the man was subdued by a large number of police officers on the spot, sent to Ruttonjee Hospital. After resuscitation until 11:00 confirmed that he died.

The injured police officer Friday (2) 6:00 a.m. situation was critical, and then turned serious. It is understood that the police officer has completed surgery, stab wounds about 10 cm long, wounded lungs. The police listed as attempted murder and suicide, the Hong Kong Island Regional Crime Unit took over the investigation.

The incident was qualified as a lone wolf “terrorist attack” in less than four hours.

Secretary for Security Deng Bingqiang and Commissioner of Police Siu Chak Yi, nearly 2 a.m. to Queen Mary Hospital, to visit the injured police officers. Deng Bingqiang then met with reporters, within four hours after the incident, said the preliminary investigation, qualified as a “lone wolf type of local terrorist attack.

Deng Bingqiang said: In addition to the Commissioner of Police and I, or even the Chief Secretary for Administration often mentioned that we should be careful to prevent the lone wolf type of attack of localism. In addition to the culprit being responsible for these incidents, many of us have been advocating violence, inciting hatred and glorifying these acts of violence and attacks, which is actually the main cause of this unfortunate incident. In addition to the murderer is responsible, these behind the pushers are full of blood.

Lin Zheng said after returning to Hong Kong from Beijing will investigate whether there is organizational support

Deng also said that the police from the man’s home to search for computers and other items, said he was “divided and radicalized”. After the initial investigation, there is no evidence to show that the murderer has accomplices. He also said that in addition to the murderer, other people keep “advocating violence, inciting hatred, inciting hatred of society, inciting hatred of the state” are responsible, Deng said “these people are also the object of our fight”. A reporter asked, “What has not been investigated before concluding that it is a lone wolf attack, is it a sentence before trial?” Deng Bingqiang retorted that he totally disagreed.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, who returned to Hong Kong after attending the Chinese Communist Party celebration in Beijing, strongly condemned the incident as soon as she got off the plane, and stressed that the police would conduct a full investigation into whether there was any organizational support behind him. She later cited a number of illegal incidents in the past 24 hours, including the throwing of flammable objects into the Government House, saying that “despite the National Security Act, Hong Kong has moved from chaos to governance”, but still “we must be vigilant in times of peace”.

Carrie Lam said: obviously rushed to the stability of our society, but also are reckless with the law, for today’s Hong Kong society, we all cherish the hard-won social peace, it is very regrettable.

The day after the crime netizens call for flowers police see the flower holders that cut off the investigation

After the incident, many netizens in Hong Kong said “RIP (Rest in Peace)” to Leung Kin Fai, and called on the scene of the crime to lay flowers. After the anti-amendment movement, the Hong Kong Police Force has been heavily criticized by the public from time to time.

Many people deliberately came after work to lay flowers and stand in silent tribute, some once cried and friends embraced. Although the scene once left a small number of white flowers, but then the police took away.

More than a hundred police officers wearing stab-proof clothing patrol and guard, the police and orange tape around the cordon, intercepted holding white flowers, wearing black clothes of the public. When a member of the public was charged with littering and fined $1,500.

News: there is a suicide note to explain the reason for the attack on the police

According to media reports, Leung Kin-fai worked as a buyer, single, living with his family in San Po Kong tenement. He is quite attentive to social movement news. The news said he had a “USB memory” on him when he committed the crime, and there was a suicide note explaining the reason for the attack on the police, including words of criticism of the police, but also questions about the implementation of the National Security Law affects the freedom of the public’s views.