The atmosphere of the centennial party celebration is solemn, and there is no cheerfulness in the heart

Yesterday the Chinese Communist Party celebrated its centennial in Beijing without a hint of joy across the country. Not even pigeons were allowed to go up in the sky, the mouths of underground wells were sealed, and six policemen were on a bus. A “great, glorious and correct” party should be embraced by the people and no one should stir up trouble, but the day before the celebration, there was an arson in front of the Foreign Ministry, proving that the CCP’s panic is not without reason.

Xi Jinping’s speech has more than 7,000 words, such a big scene, not to speak enough to not enjoy, but unfortunately not a single word throughout sounds a little wise, a little forward-looking, the whole thing is the same old clichés. If a party can objectively face its past and look ahead to the future, it will not show the party’s incompetence, but will only show the party’s rationality, modesty and responsibility.

Of course, such generosity and self-confidence cannot happen to the CCP, which is originally a peasant party with all the five thousand years of cultural inferiority shaped by China’s small peasant economy. The peasant style of closed-mindedness, shallowness and ignorance are inherent in the genes, and a hundred years of history is overstated, “bad” is not mentioned, achievements are boasted, and “great and glorious is right” is assured.

Unfortunately, history is not written in this way, history is right and wrong coexist, credit and fault, one is one is two, achievements and faults can not be offset.

Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”, but instead the “Chinese dream”, “Chinese model” and “Chinese solution” are not mentioned. “This shows that the CCP is retreating from the international stage and shrinking into the Chinese territory. Xi Jinping has not traveled for 18 months, and the national leader level has also stayed at home for a long time. He has not invited a single foreign head of state for his centennial birthday, which is quite a bit of a lonely situation.

Even if the same is the Communist Party, at least there are North Korea and Cuba is the ruling party, at least the United States Russia and Japan and other countries are still communist organizations, there is not a guest to the door, it is too shabby. Of course, Kim Jong-un is a child, Cuba is a long way away, as for other countries, the Communist Party, have long been dying, to invite them to come, no light only disgrace, so simply closed their own doors to do birthday.

At the same time, a recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Institute shows that people’s dislike for the Chinese Communist Party is overwhelmingly on the rise, and Western politicians who get too close to the Chinese Communist Party are suspected of selling out their universal values and cannot be accountable to their voters. The Chinese government’s invitation to the election will probably not be met by “old friends of the Chinese people”.

Looking at Xi Jinping’s personal state, it seems that it is not so good either: his face is ashen, his expression is grave, his speech is dull and breathless, and he reads from a script in a straightforward manner with no sense of rhythm, not to mention intonation, and his infectious power is lacking. Such a leader, such a performance, precisely reflects the current situation of the CCP, the centennial birthday without cheerfulness, only to reveal the CCP’s own pessimistic expectations of the future situation.

This kind of collective ritualistic performance is inherited from Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union, and the Chinese Communist Party even takes the DPRK as its teacher in this regard. Since the generation of Kim Il-sung, North Korea has been using human tactics in every celebration, making big scenes, shaking the sky and overwhelming the sea, in order to show the power of the authoritarian regime. Today, the whole country is a sea of red, and in some places, even toilets are decorated with red slogans, and even funeral ceremonies are held. All levels of state agencies, public and private enterprises, and different industries require their employees to watch the live broadcast at home and take pictures to prove that they are not lazy.

In the past and present, no ruling party has ever forced its people to celebrate their birthdays, which is another peasant style of the Chinese Communist Party culture. Fourteen billion people eat the Chinese Communist Party’s food, to help the Communist Party celebrate its birthday, you dare not help me celebrate my birthday, I will not let you eat.

When it comes to Hong Kong, Xi Jinping said “one country, two systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong”, but also stressed the “full governance” of the CCP over Hong Kong. If there is “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong”, there will be no “comprehensive governance” by the CCP. There will be no “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” if there is “comprehensive governance” by the CCP. If you want “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” and “comprehensive governance” by the CCP, you can’t have “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” unless you can grab yourself by the hair and let yourself ascend to heaven.

There is a trick in the Chinese Communist Party’s ruling technique called “abstract affirmation, concrete denial”, that is, I say something, but I have another statement or practice to cancel out the original thing, the first promise is abstract, and then the concrete implementation of the previous promise is denied. For example, the equality, freedom, and democracy promised to the Chinese people by the Constitution have all been negated by various specific criminal laws and regulations over the decades. If you talk to him about the constitution, he will talk to you about the criminal law. The constitution is bigger than the criminal law, and the criminal law should obey the constitution, but he brings out the criminal law to offset his own constitution, what can you do with him?

The Basic Law is the major law, the Basic Law is not favorable to him, he will create a national security law, national security law override the Basic Law, the Basic Law is abolished. When the Basic Law is abolished, there is no more “one country, two systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong”, of course, only the National Security Law is left, only the CCP’s “comprehensive governance” is left. The Chinese Communist Party has turned its hand to the clouds, and its hand to the rain, and now Hong Kong people have seen through it.

It is no wonder that Xi Jinping has been frowning from the beginning to the end, and his future is not easy.