Details of the July 1st Communist Party Centennial Celebration

It was a gloomy morning in Beijing on July 1, as the Chinese Communist Party began its centennial celebration. When Xi Jinping came, the faces changed.

Xi Jinping’s Mao-style Zhongshan suit

The burly Xi Jinping ascended the Tiananmen Tower, followed one by one by the Standing Committee of the Central Politburo, as well as the seventy and eighty-year-old former dynasty patriarchs.

Unlike other Chinese Communist Party officials who wear suits, Xi Jinping, who usually wears a suit or jacket, chose to wear a gray Mao-style mid-morning suit on the party’s anniversary, the first time after the end of the Mao era and the change in the Communist Party that enlightened General Secretary Hu Yaobang wore a suit in public, sparking a fever for wearing suits. It is said that Xi Jinping has a unique fondness for the Mao-style Zhongshan suit. On this occasion of the party’s centennial, the party leader wore a Mao-style Zhongshan suit to show Chinese characteristics, to compare with Mao Zedong, or to show that the general secretary is me, I am the world, I will be without me?

It is relatively rare to have a congress in Tiananmen Square. The people’s congresses are held in the Great Hall of the People, but the move to Tiananmen Square to hold a congress dates back to the Mao era, when Mao Zedong repeatedly reviewed the Red Guards and the Tiananmen Square was crowded. Why did Xi Jinping decide to open the conference in Tiananmen Square, he remembered Mao Zedong’s conference? He remembered the horrible and fascinating aura of a sea of red during the Cultural Revolution?

Tiananmen Square, the same place where the June 4 massacre took place in 1989.

Tao is too old. Where is Wen Jiabao at?

Xi Jinping’s old superior Hu Jintao former general secretary, gray hair, a photo shows that he was supported to enter the Tiananmen Square together with Xi Jinping, supported, which is considerate of the elderly, or really old and unable to help himself? The photo shows that Hu Jintao is frail and has little expression.

Hu Jintao is more mediocre when he was in power, advocating “no compromise”. However, more than a decade ago, the SARS outbreak, he appeared in the streets of Guangzhou to shake hands with the people, so got the nickname Tao.

Hu Jintao came, but Jiang Zemin did not. Jiang Zemin was helped to Tiananmen two years ago when the Communist Party celebrated its 70th anniversary, his hair was dyed black, but his face was withered and expressionless, did he have any reaction to Xi Jinping, whom he promoted, now strutting his stuff? This time his old man did not come, some speculate that it may be a sign of the patriarchs’ dissatisfaction with Xi Jinping, but it seems unconvincing, the most credible analysis is that Jiang Zemin is dying and his heart is not enough. His old partner Zhu Rongji also did not show up.

Wen Jiabao’s actions always attract attention. He came. But it’s hard to find footage and photos of him on the Tiananmen Tower. Which corner is he in, and does he not want more people to see or is he not high enough in rank? Wen Jiabao warned people not to forget the Cultural Revolution when he was premier, and he also mentioned universal values on various occasions, even though he didn’t actually do anything about it. In April this year, he also published an article in memory of his mother in an unheard of newspaper in Macau, expressing his feelings, talking about the ideal China in his mind should be a society with fairness and justice, and also talking about himself as an official in Zhongnanhai as if he was facing an abyss, which seems to imply dissatisfaction with the current situation?

Before, about Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao attended not to attend, there are many speculations, but who comes who does not come, and what can be confirmed, this is a dictatorial political party, everything is uncertain, everything is very mysterious. Otherwise, there is a pool of stagnant water, or else a volcanic eruption. The “Gang of Four”, Hu Guofeng was forced to step aside, deposed Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang belong to the latter, and suddenly came.

During the Hu-Wen era, not so much, Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo was imprisoned under Hu Jintao. But some of the Internet vloggers back then, some former human rights lawyers recall that the environment was much more lenient than it is now, and they were arrested and arrested back then, but there were still people who talked as they did.

Persecuted paranoia

Li Keqiang opened the conference and General Secretary Xi Jinping began his speech. Xi paused in his speech, followed by a mechanical applause. When the General Secretary read the words of the General Secretary, “If foreign forces dare to bully us and enslave us, let them break our heads and bleed, the stiff crowd in the square suddenly stirred a little, and Xi re-read the script, and the little commotion immediately disappeared, and the official media reported the next day that the people in the square responded enthusiastically to the General Secretary’s words! Which phrase? It is to make the people a great wall of flesh and blood, to break the foreign forces head to head that sentence. So that’s it.

Interestingly, Xi Jinping read for so long, he announced that China has entered a moderately prosperous society, he announced that no one will be foolish enough to treat the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people differently, he vowed not to allow Taiwan independence, but the overseas media focused on the phrase, “No foreign countries are allowed to bully us! Or you will have your heads blown off!

Which foreign power is so wild? Is it the United States? But many analyses say that this is a kind of persecution paranoia. In fact, they are persecuting the “internal forces” all day long, and the war wolves are spreading their wildness outside, and they can’t stand it anymore, so they criticize a few words, and now they bring out the “external forces” to scare people.