Has the Hangzhou property market inwardly rolled into this?

Last week, another hot property opening in Hangzhou. These days, without 10,000 people grabbing houses and freezing tens of billions of dollars, it is embarrassing to say that it is a “red plate”.

With more than 150 houses, more than 10,000 people signed up instantly. In order to limit the flow of people, the minimum amount of frozen capital had to be raised to 2.5 million. But this still didn’t stop the enthusiastic crowd.

Eventually, after heavy elimination by the vetting agency, the final number of registrants for the project was finally cut to less than 10,000: 9,820 households.

9,820 households.

From more than 10,000 people to 9,820, it was the cruelest in-roll the president had ever seen.

For example, a home buyer used the house ticket of his family’s 85-year-old wife to freeze the capital of 8 million. The audit was rejected because.

Too old.

Another purchaser also used an old person’s note, and because he was under 65 and had no loan history, he froze $2.5 million as a first home, as required. This was also rejected, because the second set of freezing capital 5 million.

The freezing of less capital was rejected, and the freezing of more capital is not possible. One buyer reported that he increased the freeze amount from 2.5 million to 5 million because he was afraid of not passing the audit. But he was still rejected.

Of course, there were overdue credit and mortgage loans after the overdue period; those who uploaded complete information were rejected saying that they did not upload the information of the house check, etc.

There is also a home buyer, the information review has been shown to pass, and then came a text message notification that the information was rejected.

The president summarized that there are two main types of reasons for rejection: one is the information problem, such as incomplete account book, incomplete housing information, etc.. The other category is the problem of frozen capital, such as the first suite of frozen capital to be in accordance with the second set of frozen capital.

Some people received the SMS notification of rejection only a few minutes before the closing date of the lottery, with little chance to resubmit their information.

Some buyers reported that they were rejected at 11:57 a.m., three minutes before the end of registration. Some buyers even received rejection notices after the registration deadline, and at 12:02pm and even 12:30pm, people continued to receive rejection notices.

The reasons for the rejection of the registration documents are varied. The president intends to collect them all and write a book.

A guide to avoiding the pitfalls of registration in Hangzhou.

The people who were rejected quickly organized a WeChat group. Everyone met a lot of acquaintances there.

Many people decided to come to “defend their rights”, and the group leader gave everyone a compilation of 12345, 1818 Goldeneye hotline and other ways to defend their rights.

After a micro signal note is a professional bank loan person appeared, the rights defense party was disrupted. The owner of the group in pulling people into the group for unknown reasons @ this loan intermediary person, a home buyer dissatisfaction:.

The loan thing to talk about later, everyone is now in the rights, you get together what hilarity.

The next person questioned the owner of the group, saying that the owner of the group sent a video of himself on camera, he asked the owner of the group, the video can be mosaic.

What is unexpected is that the rights group also began to roll up inside.

A home buyer exposed himself in the group as a student ticket holder and asked what others were house tickets. The words just fell, the group immediately someone vocal.

The student ticket deserves it, let you speculate on housing!

This sentence makes a lot of group members angry, someone immediately came forward to respond, “students with what can not buy, I would have been a student, the fourth year will soon graduate, do not want to rent a room, and I am a Hangzhou account”.

In the matter of student housing tickets, the group immediately split into two factions. The opponents say that college students do not have the ability to repay, while the supporters say that the parents of college students have the ability to repay, and that the whole family can make a joint loan.

Next, the confrontation between Hangzhou people and new Hangzhou people was exposed.

The reason for this is that some people in the group lamented that they could not get a job after shaking the number many times.

It’s not easy for foreigners to work in Hangzhou.

The local people were not happy about it and replied that the locals could not get it either.

Some people called for a new policy in the group, and again a voice of opposition, once the new policy came out, the new housing and most people will have nothing to do with it, many housing tickets are all restricted.

Then, people started to mob people who were too late to resubmit after their information was rejected.

Some people said, “If you can’t submit the information, don’t shake the number, it will affect the winning rate of others. The group of people who couldn’t submit their information was enraged and accused each other of being selfish.

The group owner came out three times to yell at everyone to get back on track, but he could only watch as the rights group became an in-roll group.

The people who were brushed off were unhappy, and those who got the shakeout qualification were also unhappy.

As soon as the results of the lottery were released, some people discovered that there seemed to be a problem with the 145th house selection. They also found an ID number to check out two records with different lottery codes and house selection order. Holmes started calling again to report.

The finalists and non-finalists are calling to report, probably one of the most black humorous things in Hangzhou this year.