Wallflower modern version

The three past-style blue party-state elders, finally in the old Communist Party centennial festival, brush the presence, but humiliated the KMT, congratulations ah.

Lien, Song, Hong, the three total plus more than two hundred years old, for the centennial of the Communist Party “zombie party celebration”, regardless of the ruin, for the old Communist Party sent a congratulatory message, the current chairman remained silent, once to run for the party chairman of the old Zhao media mogul, the old Han divine guide, Zhu gentleman and many red celebrity mouths, everyone also muffled, finally famous mouth Tsai Shi Ping, really The first one is the one who is not able to see any more, he said: “Sad and shameful”.

In fact, first there is a high-profile cross-sea vaccination of the motherland, and then there is the party celebration flower delivery to add joy, in the face of the red dynasty’s funeral celebration, blue politicians repeatedly refresh the people’s ears, in fact, it is just to reveal the KMT’s wallflower nature, the so-called upward movement, there is history, not to mention the ancient Chinese culture, always worship the winner is the king, the loser is the knave, there will be no regard for the kingdom and hegemony, as well as the shame and disgrace of the ancient teachings of the scholar.

Cai’s word “sad” is sad for the disillusioned politicians, democratic society, politicians power from the people, after a lifetime of high officials, still do not know where the hearts of the people of Taiwan, is sad, the word shame is even more pungent, can not distinguish between the enemy and me is not enough, embracing the enemy, such a high-profile action, this shame, is unacceptable.

However, even, Song and Hong grew up eating the milk of the Kuomintang, but also just a backward walker in the history of the struggle between the Communist Party.

The high-profile defection to the Communist Party, but also in the defection to the Communist Party to take the country’s plane, so the fame of future generations is General Zhang Zhizhong, this man from the Huangpu Northern Expedition period, with the old Chiang to make a fortune as an official, known as Chiang Kai-shek’s beloved ministers, but finally performed a negotiation turned into a surrender drama, the Communist Party civil war situation has also taken a sharp turn, the Kuomintang scolded Zhang shameless, in fact, Zhang Zhizhong completely set up by the old Communist Party only.

Zhang Zhizhong’s defection to the Communist Party can be said to be the main cause of the defeat of the Kuomintang, but also the most outstanding intelligence war of the old Communist underground, but also because of Zhang Zhizhong’s defection to the Communist Party, affecting the morale of the Kuomintang, the old Communist battle across the river, almost no resistance, only two days, to occupy Nanking, the U.S. military advisory group expected: the Yangtze River danger, can hold for more than six months, the Kuomintang even fantasies of rule across the river, fully destroyed.

At the end of January 1949, Fu Zuoyi defected to the Communist Party, and the old Communist Party entered Beijing. Mao Zedong began to plan a trap, the object of this trap was Zhang Zhizhong, and the trap appeared in the form of a joint negotiation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, at this time, Chiang Kai-shek, who was the main warrior, was forced out of the field and returned to Xikou, and Li Zongren, who was the main peacemaker, jumped to the stage, but although Chiang was out of the field, he did not put down his military power, and the United States behind the Kuomintang, busy with post-war revival, also acted as In the eyes of Mao, Zhang Zhizhong was an enlightened faction, known as General of Peace, who was sympathetic to the Communist Party when he was governor of Xinjiang, and many of his officials were Communist Party members. He also gave up his villa Gui Yuan to ensure the safety of Mao, and personally sent Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai back to Yan’an safely after the talks.

Zhang Zhizhong was forced into a trap by Mao’s calculations

Beijing peace talks, was a trap, because Mao Zedong is simply opposed to peace talks, in Mao’s eyes, history does not share the world reason, the use of negotiations to leave Zhang Zhizhong is the purpose, before the line, Chiang instructed Zhang Zhizhong talks point is first truce, ban across the river, and then talk about the separation of the river, with the KMT military strength at the time, not necessarily defeat, but old Mao deliberately talk about how to punish war criminals, civil war victory and defeat, talk about this topic, it is clear The talks dragged on from April 1 to 18, and finally broke down. Zhang Zhizhong said: “Since we can’t talk, I’ll go back to Nanking to resume my duties” and informed the Nanking government to send a military plane to pick up the delegation. Zhang Zhizhong felt the dilemma, but Zhou Enlai did not idle, secretly informed the Nanjing underground secret service and Shanghai underground secret service action, first Zhang Zhizhong separated the two places family members concentrated in Shanghai, and to Beijing airport runway repair reasons, blocking the Nanjing government to Beijing to pick up representatives of the plane landing, and released Zhang Zhizhong defected to the Communist message, April 21, the Communist army crossed the river, the garrison of the river to guard the river. Zhang Zhizhong received all his family members in Beijing, and only said to Zhou Enlai: “You are very good at keeping guests”.

There is something less known in history, the Chinese Communist Party history records: the People’s Republic of China national number and five-star national flag, Mao Zedong completely accept Zhang Zhizhong’s views and pat, Mao Zedong used Zhang Zhizhong, quickly defeated the Kuomintang, and secondly, Mao Zedong also used Zhang Zhizhong once governed the contacts in Xinjiang, quickly let the Kuomintang government in Xinjiang to fall.

Zhang Zhizhong defected to the Communist Party, Li Zongren’s government into a bird and beast, will be Kai-shek only said: “Zhang Zhizhong disgrace to the country”, Chiang wanted to clean up the mess, has been too slow, Zhang Zhizhong after defecting to the Communist Party, trying to build a new China, also summoned overseas relatives back to the country, but the Cultural Revolution, the military panic, the Red Guards first copied Zhang Zhizhong’s home in Beijing, Zhang Zhizhong Fortunately, Zhou Enlai urgently met with Mao Zedong and approved a list of necessary protections, including Song Qingling, Guo Ruomo, Fu Zuoyi, Li Zongren, Zhang Shichu, and Zhang Zhizhong was also on the list.

During the civil war, none of the KMT members who defected to the Communist Party ended up well, but now the KMT suffers from amnesia and is eager to jump into the red fire.