Ten types of people who are prone to early death

According to the RecordJapan website, Japan is a long-lived country, the main reason is a reasonable diet, but in fact, personal habits can also have an impact on life expectancy, in this regard, Japan’s leading medical doctor Yoshiki Ishikawa summed up the 10 characteristics of people prone to die early.

Dr. Ishikawa pointed out that there is a strong correlation between a person’s life expectancy and his or her personality and activity tendencies.

The first type of people who are prone to die early is “people who are withdrawn and do not interact with others”, such as no friends, no family, no marriage, etc. This will cause serious damage to physical and mental health in the long run, and some studies show that the life expectancy of such people is relatively shorter. It is recommended that these people gradually make some friends with their own interests as a starting point.

The second category is “not good at smiling people”, a researcher in the United States on the life of 230 professional baseball team players conducted a tracking survey, the results found that the average life expectancy of the players in the team photo with a smile is 79.9 years, while the average life expectancy of the players without a smile is only 72.9 years, a difference of 7 years before and after In addition, the average life expectancy of those who pretended to smile was 74.9 years, which seems to be a pretty effective method.

Surprisingly, people who are too active are also prone to die early. Dr. Ishikawa said, “A foreign research team has conducted a career follow-up survey on 1,600 children around 10 years old, and the results confirmed that people who are too active have a shorter life expectancy, and about the reason, the team concluded that such people tend to overexert their bodies and are prone to accidents.”

In addition, the relationship between life expectancy and education also exists, a foreign study on high and low education and life expectancy showed that people with low education, their social status as well as income is relatively lower, and themselves are more likely to pile up stress, affecting life expectancy.

There is also a more interesting is that their friends around are more obese people, the study found that friends around are more fat will have a psychological effect on their own want to become obese, resulting in their own obesity.

The following are the 10 characteristics of people who are prone to die early

  1. aloof (do not interact with others)
  2. not good at smiling
  3. overly active
  4. poor learning ability (low education)
  5. sitting for too long
  6. no hobbies and interests
  7. poor character and behavior
  8. not getting along well with neighbors
  9. too fat friends in the neighborhood
  10. living a decadent life