Biden administration’s amazing decision: U.S. passports will be able to choose their own male and female gender! Also added a third gender option

President Biden launches latest measure to support LGBTQI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, cool kids, intersex) community. The U.S. government announced today that a third gender option will be added to U.S. passports in the future, and that passport holders will be able to define their own gender as male or female.

According to foreign media reports, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that U.S. passport holders will be able to decide for themselves whether to be classified as female or male, whereas in the past people with such a need had to submit a relevant diagnosis to change their gender. In addition, the United States has joined Canada, Argentina, Germany, Australia and India in adding an “X” for unspecified gender to the gender field on passports.

In a statement, Blinken said the State Department is committed to promoting freedom, dignity and equal rights for all people, including LGBTQI+ people.

Since taking office, Biden has seen LGBTQI rights as a major priority, including in foreign policy and the acceptance of refugees from overseas. These actions are seen as the biggest difference from the previous Trump administration, when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, banned U.S. embassies from flying the rainbow flag, which represents gay pride.