Hong Kong Youth in Taiwan announced the suspension of its FB page on 7.1.

Following the past week in Hong Kong at least six civic organizations, announced the dissolution of the eve of 7.1. Hong Kong people in Taiwan organization “Hong Kong border city youth” suddenly also announced on the day of 7.1, stop operating Facebook page, and said “thank you for your support, Hong Kong people cherish.”

They then issued a statement, mentioning that “there is progress and retreat in the movement, I hope you can understand”, and said that the original secretary-general Justine has decided to leave the border youth because of career planning and concern for their own safety. However, “the side of the green is ready to move into a new phase, and has now entered the stage of preparing to file a case.” The two sides are currently in a state of transition, and they said they hope the page can resume operations as soon as possible. The statement also mentioned that they are aware that “when the Chinese Communist Party suppresses those left behind, we overseas have a greater responsibility to speak out for Hong Kong.”

Justine said in an interview with the station, “In these troubled times, I hope we can unite and work towards the same goal.

Hong Kong border city youth council chairman Jiang Min pro said in response to this station on the same day, the past border youth themselves or with Taiwan groups organized activities, indeed have been intimidated, threatened. Jiang Min proverb said: “the past side of the green in Tainan the month before the Hong Kong exhibition site, was attacked by throwing eggs. But I believe these intimidations were successfully resolved with the assistance of our friends in Taiwan. We hope that in the future, we can make the organizations of Hong Kong people and Hong Kong youth in Taiwan to operate more safely.”

In Hong Kong, at least six civic organizations have announced their dissolution in the past week on the eve of July 1, including the pro-democracy organizations “Sha Tin District Council” and “New Democracy Alliance”; the medical organizations “Frontline Doctors’ Union” and “Apricot Grove Alliance”. The medical sector “Frontline Doctors Union” and “Apricot Grove Awakening”; the religious sector “Spring Church” and the information technology sector “g0v.hk (Hong Kong Zero Hour Government)”.