Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China Vice Chairman Zou Xingtong was arrested again

On the eve of the Communist Party’s anniversary and the eve of the anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong’s sovereignty to China, an atmosphere of terror prevails in Hong Kong, and lawyer Zou Xingtong, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (HKASPDMC), who wanted everyone to speak out on July 1, is arrested again by the police.

Ms. Zou Xingtong was thus arrested again, and the timing of her arrest is profound. According to an AFP analysis, the timing of her arrest coincides with the Communist Party’s anniversary and the return of Hong Kong to China. What is Beijing afraid of, or what are the Hong Kong authorities afraid of that Beijing is not happy about?

AFP reports that Zou Xingtong, 37, a vice president of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, is one of the few remaining democracy activists in Hong Kong who has not yet been sentenced to prison or exiled overseas. Hong Kong’s Victoria Park commemoration of June 4 was rejected by the police again this year, and on May 29, Zou Xingtong announced in a Facebook post that she would be lighting candles in her personal capacity, “in a place where everyone can see.” In the early morning of June 4, she was arrested by four plainclothes officers on suspicion of “publicizing or announcing an unauthorized assembly. “On the occasion of July 1, Hong Kong police withdrew Zou Xingtong’s previous bail on Wednesday and arrested her again.

The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of the problem. The value of human dignity can be stronger than these strong powers. Even if you are trapped in prison, you can keep these things, and these things are the real power in a social movement.”

The authorities’ re-arrest of Zou Xingtong may be related to his Facebook posting on the 29th of July, “See you on July 1st at the Victoria Park”. I am no longer free to go anywhere, I hope that everyone 7.1 can persist in speaking out”. The Hong Kong ‘Apple Daily’ founded by Lai Chi-ying, mentioned by Zou Xingtong, has been forced to cease publication and Lai Chi-ying himself has been imprisoned.

July 1 is the 24th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, and for many years, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp has launched massive demonstrations on July 1 to express the people’s demands. However, since Beijing has encroached on Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems”, especially by imposing Hong Kong’s version of the National Security Law, the freedom of assembly and expression guaranteed by “one country, two systems” has been reduced to empty words, and the authorities have banned demonstrations on the grounds of epidemic prevention. Not only that, according to AFP, the Hong Kong authorities are on the verge of a major enemy, deploying more than 10,000 police officers on July 1 to be on alert to prevent the resurgence of the “anti-China” movement. The Hong Kong Security Bureau also issued a statement threatening the public not to “illegally assemble” on July 1, stressing that the heaviest sentence of five years in prison.

The re-arrest of Zou Xingtong should be a reflection of this frightening atmosphere.