Wei Jingsheng: The Nature of the CCP is a Two-Faced Liar

There are different kinds of liars in this world. One is a well-intentioned liar, in order to reduce the negative things happen and hide the truth. One is a malicious liar, cheating money and trust, such as selling counterfeit goods, porcelain, and so on. There is another kind of malicious liar, the most harmful but often unnoticed, and that is the political liar. The Communist Party is the best of the political crooks.

The Communist Party is not only a giant fraud in terms of political parties, but also starts and ends with lying to itself. Starting with Marx and Engels, it is a scam without logic. This deception is based on the common good wishes of mankind, so it has deceived many people to commit and support it, especially the simple-minded and overzealous young intellectuals.

The invention of the two masters of Mann is that illogical theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which uses tyranny to achieve a good ideal. Westerners who were familiar with this theoretical conjuring were rarely fooled by them. So they and the social-democratic party they helped to create parted ways after a controversy. Just like the little bugs that were harmless in the Old World, they flooded North America, where they had no natural enemies. In Russia and China, which are unfamiliar with European culture, the little tricks that are scorned by the vast majority of Europeans have succeeded in creating havoc in the East.

The technique used by the Chinese Communist Party for 100 years to absorb its members was to portray beautiful ideals. And like all cults, mysteriously telling young people that the wonderful Garden of Eden was not far ahead, and to sacrifice for the liberation of all mankind. This is how the vast majority of communists in the previous non-ruling era were attracted.

It was said to be a two-faced party because it had contradictory basic theories and goals. One was that the good ideals included democracy and freedom, and that was all that was propagated to the outside world, and it was extreme democracy akin to anarchism. Young intellectuals were most easily attracted to it, so most of the party members who joined in the early days until the 1930s were young intellectuals. The essence of Marxism-Leninism, dictatorship and tyranny, was hidden from the public. It was not until the Gu Shunzhang case occurred that most people realized the other side of their brutal politics.

As the forces infiltrating the KMT, led by Zhou Enlai, attempted to stage a coup to extract the fruits of victory in the Northern Expedition War, they were strongly suppressed by the KMT and had to retreat to the countryside and factories to develop their forces. The rural areas developed more smoothly and many rural bases were created. The CCP’s focus, therefore, gradually shifted to the rural base areas. In the rural base areas, the Communist tyranny had already shown their fangs. In particular, the massacre of young intellectuals with dissenting views and the politics of terror were copied from the tyranny of Stalin in the Soviet Union, and both Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping had been the deadly ghosts under the knife. By this point, the Party had completed its metamorphosis into a Marxist-Leninist.

There are now many articles on the Internet that expose the tyranny of the Communist Party during the Yan’an period. But in the Nationalist and Japanese-occupied areas, countless young intellectuals were still lulled into the Communist Party by that wonderful ideal and cultic rhetoric. The main component of the Communist ranks, however, had been transformed into peasants. Their ideology was to be loyal to the leader who was fighting for the world and to earn a good future for themselves. Therefore, the Stalinist tyranny was implemented with greater ease. The structure of the Great Leader’s dictatorship was created in such an environment.

After the Chinese Communist Party came to power, there was less need for the sheepskin of democracy and freedom. Those old communists and democrats who still believed in democracy and freedom were thoroughly purged and Soviet Stalinist economic reforms were initiated. The absorbed party members no longer cared much about what ideals could be achieved, but rather about securing a favorable social status and future for themselves. This has been a tradition in Chinese culture for over 2,000 years.

With the failure of the communist economy, Deng Xiaoping initiated a reversion to the traditional Chinese model, which is to manage the market economy with authoritarian politics. This is a model that was considered a failure by most people over a hundred years ago. If not for the American blood transfusion, it would have been unsustainable. Now Xi Jinping is still trying to revert to the pre-Deng Xiaoping Maoist model, and its failure is a historical certainty.