Behind the withdrawal of the network: “they” like to bully honest people

In June, Luo Xiang was interviewed by Tencent’s humanities video “My Bronze Age”.

In front of the camera, he shared a story about an old man who came all the way to Beijing to look for legal aid but didn’t even know where the door of the legal aid center was.

I’ve written about this story before in an article, and I’m sure many of you have seen the screenshot below, as it was directly featured on Weibo.

My feeling is one of admiration, because it’s remarkable that something that wasn’t strictly important more than a decade ago can be remembered for so long, and that the subject is a stranger who has never met him, and that he speaks frankly and introspectively more than a decade later.

In “Thirteen Invitations”, Luo Xiang said that courage is the most precious quality, and I think the next most precious quality is self-reflection, and in my mind, he is one of the very few legal scholars who possess both qualities.

But what many people probably didn’t expect was that after this interview hit the search engines, another search engine appeared in the following days, namely “Luo Xiang lied”.

It is said that someone saw an online article titled “A diary of a female university student”, the story in it is basically the same as the one Luo Xiang said in the interview, so another group of people became exuberant and jumped out to scold.

You see, this grandson has lied again.

Then they slapped a “publicist” label on him, and wanted to block all his channels of expression immediately. I saw all kinds of extremely negative comments on Weibo, many of which were from the so-called “Big V”.

The comments section probably sounded like this.

He is a liar, no heart;

So why wouldn’t Luo Xiang have a heart?

Does Luo Xiang have a conscience?

When I saw these comments, I was actually curious about one thing.

What is going on in the minds of these people?

Luo Xiang has millions of fans on B station and his public number is full of traffic, but so far, I haven’t seen him bring goods or pay for knowledge, and the only activity he has done with some commercial nature is to publish a collection of his lecture notes for many years, and he is paid for his books.

The only way he earns money is by teaching at the university and teaching at the LSAT, and occasionally writing books.

Who are these people? Naturally, his students and readers.

The people who scold him above will probably not watch his videos and buy his books, but they can directly say “doesn’t your conscience hurt” to a person who neither cheated them nor did he do any evil nor was he in control of public power. “. Luo Xiang is certainly not without conscience, but this group of people must be blind.

You say that Luo Xiang cut leeks are completely inconsistent and practical, why should his conscience hurt?

Since they all have such a sense of justice, why go crazy against a university teacher who is essentially a pedagogue crazy output, why not go to the line of supervision against the controllers of public power? Why not go to the line of thugs with knives in front of the school to cut people.

The best thing to do is to target those honest people who are famous and have little temper, the risk is small and the gain is high, this is the real mentality of many so-called microbloggers.

The above screenshot in the red box, the microblogging name I did not code, Sima 3 jealousy, familiar?

At the beginning of last year, this is the dude who posted four or five articles questioning Han Hong’s embezzlement of charity funds, putting Han Hong on the limelight, each article is made to look like a real hammer, but I, a layman looking at the information, found that he was pure slander, and wrote an article of more than 20,000 words to counter hammer (I’ll put the article at the end).

What I remember most is that this Sima 3 jealousy with a screenshot to determine Han Hong illegal regulations, he relied on the 98 years promulgated “party and government leaders shall not also hold leadership positions in social organizations regulations “that Han Hong’s position in the Han Hong Foundation was a violation, but I looked it up and realized that the rule states that

Leadership positions in social organizations do not include honorary positions.

The Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau later investigated the Han Hong Foundation and found nothing wrong with it.

Han Hong and the Han Hong Foundation have been slandered, and the slandererer lives on in style, constantly looking for prey and tirelessly carrying on the smear campaign to the end. In fact, people like this are not individuals, they are a group, and this group has the most obvious characteristics.

It’s always when the sun is shining and the moon is clear that they come out to disgust people.

At the beginning of the year it was Han Hong, now I feel it is Luo Xiang. After Luo Xiang’s statement skyrocketed, he should have been attacked in an organized manner, which I can feel by my own sense of smell.

The book excerpt of a sentence “do not be a slave to honor” was scolded by the whole network to withdraw from the blog, directly emptying the content of microblogging; interview because of a web article again was scolded on the hot search, exports The interview was again scolded for a web article, and the words were “no conscience”.

Even the LSC organization where Luo Xiang worked was fined 1,500 yuan for violating the advertising law some time ago, which also became the evidence that Luo Xiang was a liar without conscience, but the actual situation of this matter is that the LSC organization violated the propaganda and used the slogan “get the certificate in one go” in the advertisement. However, the actual situation is that the LSC has been fined for using slogans such as “get a certificate in one go” in its advertisement, and Luo Xiang actually has nothing much to do with it.

In other words, Luo Xiang and any little thing related to him will be caught in the wind and raised to the height of ideology, if the thing with a little flaw, then they will be as happy as picking up the money, immediately zoom to spray.

This kind of magic operation, not to mention Luo Xiang, pull any person over, can not stand such a toss.

Anyone will be beaten.

This is the third article I wrote about Luo Xiang.

If there is something like this afterwards, I will still write it, not for the reason that I can stand at the peak of morality and take a shit, but to keep this lovely and lovable world from becoming hideous.

After all, the world is so big, Luo Xiang withdrew from the blog, you and I do not care, the world is their world, and I guess that world must be very disgusting.

You imagine, if one day you are red or into the public eye, the result of their own more than a decade ago old things were turned out on the line to be sprayed, how desperate you should be, and a normal world, tolerance should not be low to this extent.

No one can guarantee that they have been a saint moment for decades in this life.

Some people say that if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.

This is true, but not when you are already wearing the crown, take a dozen years ago is not even called the matter to tell you that you do not deserve to bear this weight, that is not the so-called sense of morality and justice, the so-called debate, that is eye red, hope that you cave in, he will be very happy.

In fact, life because you are happy and happy people, there are not so many.

Every time I watch Luo Xiang’s videos, I feel that this is a scholar full of teachable temperament.

As he said himself, fame and honor come out of nowhere, so his remarks sometimes do seem out of place and naive.

For example, he will tell you that there are two knives in criminal law, one for the criminal and one for the public power, and that it is necessary to punish crime, but also to restrict the public power from increasing violence without limits, while protecting the basic human rights of the criminal; for example, after the incident of Dr. Li Wenliang, he will write on Weibo that as long as the public has reasonable reasons, they can question it, and it should not be considered as a rumor.

He doesn’t know much about the general environment and doesn’t care much about the sensitivity of public opinion.

It is easy to be labeled as a publicist, and the biggest label on his head today is indeed a publicist, which is probably the main reason why the gang must bring him down, because nowadays it is a risky thing to label someone as a “publicist “It is a particularly low-risk thing to attack.

But do you guys think you’ve won by knocking down Luo Xiang?

Do you think that if you saw off all the trees that don’t look the way you like, this place will become the forest of your imagination in the future? No, this place will be completely desertified.

Your enemies will no longer be the trees you don’t like the way you look, but high winds, sandstorms, barrenness and desolation… Do we want a world like that?

Finally, about the article’s opening statement that Luo Xiang lied.

He actually explained the matter as early as 2017 when he pressed for popularity that