The tyranny of suppression is endless, or leave or stay to think about

In the past few days, there have been several incidents in the press, including the arrest of Mr. Lu Feng, the editor-in-chief of Apple Daily, the banning of Alan Au’s program, and the lack of space for the good program “Five Night Talk” to popularize literature and history. This government is rapidly losing its regularity, and Lam must complete the political task of completely destroying Hong Kong given to her by the Chinese Communist Party before she steps down.

Faced with such a dire situation, many young people are at a loss and helpless. I have several such young friends around me, all of whom have worked or are working in media organizations, and all of whom have a passion to serve Hong Kong society.

History has come to a sharp turn, a three-way street, to the left or to the right, is everyone’s dilemma. I cannot decide for them, I just remind them not to overestimate the rationality of the CCP, and not to underestimate the evil of the CCP.

Everyone’s situation is different and cannot be generalized. Just because you stay and others leave, you cannot assume they are soft-boned and unrighteous; nor can you assume they are too naive just because you leave and others stay. At such junctures, let us all be a little more generous, more understanding of the situation of others. Our common starting point is that we pray that all Hong Kong brothers and sisters can make the best choice for themselves, whether to go or stay.

We say the bottom of the pot, that is, no matter where you are, what you have done, as long as you have our old Hong Kong in your heart, and Hong Kong will never leave, then we should reunite again someday in the future, once again meet to walk across King’s Road, when we still have to hold up the slogan “Restoration of Hong Kong, the revolution of the times”.

I propose that every young person who is uncertain about the future can make ten or eight chips of the different conditions in front of them, such as assets, filial piety, career, friends, children, security, freedom, democracy, opportunities, etc., and then put these chips in a line, so that they can sort out their own chaos. Some conditions can be given up, some cannot be given up, and some absolutely cannot be given up. Look at what you can’t give up, and then obey it, and ignore the rest.

Trapped in a large number of mutually entangled and offset each other and defended each other’s conditions, never get out.

For example, if you have a sick old person in your family, how can you get away if she has no one to take care of her once you leave? We have to die together. Another example is that the child is your baby, the child’s future in your mind occupies an absolute position, that for the child’s education away, the other also have to obey this prerequisite. People always have two or three such life-threatening choices, may simply change your life, encounter this juncture, must be hardened, ruthless, no matter how hard you fight to go forward. At this juncture, double-mindedness and hesitation are the lack of commitment to performance.

To go on the pain to go, to stay also on the pain to stay, as long as the determination, righteousness to go on, everything after that, are only the price you are ready to pay when you make this decision. As long as the cost are clearly envisaged, the worst results are also fully estimated, when things come to the end you will not be afraid and helpless. Hong Kong people say “the horse dies on the ground”, if you are prepared to walk on the ground, then the horse dies or not, it is not a big problem.

In times of need, people sometimes have to follow their feelings, people can not always put themselves in the chains of reason, because sometimes reason can not help us solve problems. You envision things very thoughtfully, everything is listed, and then to a mess, can not make sense of a mess, that will only be trapped in their own endless distress, it does not help. When you are in such a predicament, you have to jump out, directly to their own inner feelings, only listen to their own inner voice, excluding all the interference, only the sixth sense left, and then you follow the sixth sense to go.

Historian Yu Ying-shih mentioned an incident in his memoirs. In 1949 he returned to Hong Kong from the mainland to see his parents, and after the holidays he was ready to return to Beijing to study at Peking University. He had already said goodbye to his parents and boarded the train, who knew that the train broke down in a small town in Guangdong and stopped for repairs. When he was walking around on the platform, he was suddenly blessed with a voice telling him not to go north, but to go back to Hong Kong and stay with his parents. He bought a ticket to go south and returned to Hong Kong after a few twists and turns.

He came back to Hong Kong to attend a very shabby New Asia College founded by Qian Mu, which was not at all on the same level as Peking University, and was later incorporated into the Chinese University, of which he was the first graduate. Mr. Yu inexplicably turned back to Hong Kong at a small station in the middle of nowhere, almost as if by a miracle. Had it not been for this decision, he would have graduated from Peking University and would have stayed on the mainland to continue his studies and work, and then his fate would have been rewritten.

Mr. Yu’s impulse was not without origin, as he was in a “war of heaven and earth” during his stay in Hong Kong, wandering between the ends of leaving and staying, and the impulse on the small station in Guangdong was just some kind of mysterious revelation that came out of nowhere. This is difficult to explain. The destiny of a man is the sum of all the inevitabilities and contingencies of his life, and Mr. Yu later studied in the United States and became a master historian of his generation, leaving an authentic lineage for the Chinese intellectual community.

In Hong Kong today, as in China today, many people are at a crossroads of destiny. The Chinese Communist Party today arrested Lu Feng and chopped down the RTHK program, and there will be more poisonous tricks to destroy Hong Kong in the future, and the whole social environment will deteriorate soon, which is the reality we all face.

If your bargaining chip is security in the first place, freedom in the second place, children in the third place, then go, go out against all odds, bear the bitterness of fate put on you, who knows, today’s bitter juice, may be tomorrow’s sweet spring. Of course, if you choose to stay, it is necessary to have full thought preparation for future suffering, these sufferings may not be long, may be a long time, your price may not be large, may also be very large.

In any case, I wish everyone well and hope you make the best choice for yourself at such a turning point in history.