Only chow mein and school bully can not be desecrated

A few years ago, Jin Dong, a Chinese drama graduate, and Li Jian, a Tsinghua graduate, had a conversation at Renmin University of China. Jin Dong told the NPC students in the audience that his agent, Ms. Yang, had studied at Renmin University for 4 years, and then he raised his eyebrows.

Finally, she became my agent.

Jin Dong may have forgotten that the admissions score for the Chinese opera is probably only half of that of the NPC, let alone Tsinghua. This is not easy for Jin Dong, who is already an overage candidate, and he is said to have pounded the teacher’s office in order to get an interview.

The specific how to pound, he did not say.

These days, the results of the college entrance exams in various provinces began to be announced one after another. Because the performance of “Happy Planet” Season 5 and singing “What is Happy Planet” fire out of the circle of the times teenage team leader Ma Jiaqi, also checked their scores. As an art student, he only had to score 337 points to pass the test.

In the end, how many points did the test, Ma Jiaqi himself did not say, the netizens said for him, math 25, English 44, the total score of.


Ma Jiaqi, a candidate at No. 47 Middle School in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, failed to pass the undergraduate line.

Henan is the most candidates in the country’s provinces, known for the college entrance examination hell mode, by Jin Dong raised eyebrows of the National People’s Congress, last year in Henan enrollment average score almost to 650.

If the general stars we haha a laugh will be over, bias Ma Jiaqi from childhood to grow up is standing over the school bully persona. For example, the self-publisher Luo seriously borrowed the promotional material “lunchtime study, both boys and girls will compete to borrow his math notes” to tease the 25 points of the math entrance exam results.

First of all, Ma Jiaqi must be of normal intelligence, his twin brother Ma Jiacheng is in the same class as him and applied to New York University.

Is that because Ma Jiaqi didn’t work hard? Ma Jiaqi attends Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle School, a key local high school. As a foster idol, fans have seen the bill published by the agency, which cost fans 300,000 yuan to give Ma Jiaqi extra lessons. When it comes to the college entrance exams, there is one hot search after another for Ma Jiaqi on Weibo, what with finding a school bully as a love interest, brother closed, and brother out, it also looks like a model.

And those who say in the paper sprinkle the rice, chicken are higher than the pony score of the netizens, Naiwu more concerned about the high school he attended.

Zhengzhou 47 is a Henan Province teacher’s high school, a public school pond with swans, peacocks under the library, and the largest math library in Asia. Although not as good as the local foreign language middle school, a middle school or something, at least it is also a key city.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Naiwu saw many fans on the Internet complaining that the school did not pay attention to Ma Jiaqi and only equipped him with ordinary teachers, in fact, they misunderstood 47 middle school.

How can the school and teachers not know the true level of achievement of a student? Even if they know that Ma Jiaqi’s grades are not good, it doesn’t stop the school from treating him as a mascot.

The promotional video “Our Footprints” starring Ma Jiaqi was once a hot search item; on the first day of the college entrance exam, the official microblog of 47 Middle School released a promotional photo of Ma Jiaqi high-fiving his teacher before entering the exam room. In the school’s promotional video taken by Ma Jiaqi, he said he was lucky to meet such a school and such teachers. A 47th grade leader immediately opened his arms and said

We are even more fortunate to have met you guys like this.

Moreover, Ma Jiaqi is also a frequent guest of the school’s various high-cost programs for enrollment.

In the past few years, Zhengzhou’s education circle has been undergoing a dramatic reform of the group, such as the 47 Middle School where Ma Jiaqi attends, which is part of the Zhengzhou 47 Middle School Education Group.

The group has four middle schools, including 47 High School, Junior High School, Siqi Middle School and Sixian Middle School. The latter two are private schools, and 47 Middle School has an international department that offers a variety of Chinese, Australian and American classes.

According to the prospectus, the fees for these private schools and international classes are not cheap. For example, the Chinese and American classes, a year tuition fee to 40,000, Australia class to 36,000, Si Xian, Si Qi annual tuition is more than 10,000 yuan. These classes and schools have as few as 100 students and as many as 400 students, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue for the group each year.

Naiwu checked the financial revenues of Zhengzhou city and district, and it seems that this money is not given to the education department. If not handed over and no supervision, how the money is distributed, it will be a big question mark.

The joint venture with the famous school is generally a local real estate company, which real estate company pulled the key school branch, the average price can certainly and the surrounding ordinary property to pull the grade. And because of the higher fees for the branch schools, it becomes a profitable business.

The 47-medium education group is not alone in Zhengzhou. Up to key high schools, down to key elementary schools and kindergartens, the trend of grouping is intensifying, and in order to better compete for students, each famous school also has its own “mascot”, for example, Henan Province Experimental Middle School has made great efforts to promote its honorary principal:

Shi Yigong.

In the chain of hype for Ma Jiaqi’s schoolboy persona, there is also his agency, sponsors of education companies like New Oriental Online, and social media platforms that need celebrity traffic. Naiwu feels that there is nothing wrong with these companies chasing commercial interests.