What is the truth about the CCP’s “friends everywhere”?

How many friends”, according to Xinhua News Agency on the 28th, Guo Yezhou, Vice Minister of the Foreign Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee (Liaison Department), introduced at a press conference held on the same day, at present, the CPC maintains contact with more than 560 political parties and political organizations in more than 160 countries. “We have friends all over the world.”

As far as the private sector is concerned, there is a more intuitive measure of “friends all over the world” pragmatic indicators than official diplomatic relations, that is the number of passport-free and visa-on-arrival areas, which to a certain extent reflects the national strength of a country or region, but also actually reflects a government to maintain good diplomatic relations with other countries and a variety of exchanges and cooperation.

Currently, the Passport Index, the world’s only website that provides an instant ranking of the world’s passport strengths, will be updated immediately each time a new visa waiver program is announced or a visa change is enacted, such as the impact of epidemic restrictions. According to the data available at 24:00 on June 28, 2021, China ranks 51 out of 80 countries, with 63 visa-free countries (26 visa-free + 37 visa-on-arrival), but 33 more than the last-place Afghan passport.

According to the internationally recognized authoritative list, “Henley Passport Index” (Henley Passport Index) announced the passport ranking in the first quarter of 2021, China’s passport ranked 70th out of 110 countries, with visa-free access to 75 countries. According to the ranking, China is as many as 116 visa-free countries away from first place Japan (191 visa-free countries).

The Chinese Communist Party once heavily publicized that China had only 45 visa-free countries in 2015, 51 in 2017, and 74 in 2018, a “big jump” in global passport rankings. But the propaganda did not say that this is under the “One Belt, One Road” to promote some countries or regions to relax the tourist visa.

Up to now, the Chinese Communist Party claims to have signed the Belt and Road cooperation memorandum with 141 countries and 31 international organizations. Therefore, the visa-free countries in 2018 only stopped at an increase of more than 20, and after this apparently stagnant, and even this nearly 3 years turtle speed slightly increased 4 countries visa-free. This also confirms that the wave of doubts about the Belt and Road has been expanding since 2018, and many participating countries have begun to realize the “bad intentions” of the Belt and Road, especially the economic weakness of the participating countries have serious debt risks, and these countries are not without withdrawal or intend to get out of the sugar-coated trap of debt-based colonization in the package of the Chinese Communist Party.

This alone shows that the CCP’s circle of friends is not as “bigger and bigger” as advertised, and that a large part of the circle is in the latter part of the passport index, with less than 40 visa-free countries (regions), including the bottom of the world’s Afghanistan, which are mostly poor and war-torn countries.

It is well known that the Chinese Communist Party does not distinguish between party and state, and that the leaders of the Party, especially the hobbyist authoritarian regimes, are called “old friends of the Chinese people”. Chinese netizens have lamented that even the “freedom to choose one’s friends” is represented, and have reflected on “why are all the old friends of the Chinese people such a sight”, as in the popular online segment “The three most endangered species in the world today: the giant panda, the golden monkey, and the old friends of the Chinese people” back in 2012.

The Chinese Communist Party’s vaunted “old friends” have been repeatedly criticized by Chinese public opinion, with a scathing blog post on Sina, “Today’s ‘old friends’ of the ‘Chinese’ people In a scathing blog post, “Today’s ‘old friends’ of ‘China’s’ people all end up miserable”, it was written that all over the world, most of the “old friends of the Chinese people” are “dead, dead, dead”, or even if they are not dead, they have to run away into exile. These “old friends of the Chinese people”, who either amassed wealth, or took money by trickery, or were obsessed with power, or killed, or were brutal, or were dictators, have one common characteristic – they are all dictators. The Chinese people have danced with wolves and made “old friends” with so many dictators, so it is no wonder that they cannot find democracy.

As the old Chinese saying goes, “Things gather in groups. The Chinese Communist Party’s “circle of friends” is full of countries that are not advanced, not developed, and do not talk about human rights, especially the “old friends” who are almost all accused of crimes against humanity in international courts. A Western proverb says: “A friend is a mirror. For example, Mubarak, the former president of Egypt, was called an old friend ten times by the Chinese Communist Party’s media, People’s Daily. Mubarak was overthrown by the Arab Spring. In the past and in the present, no one can escape the law of “tyranny will be destroyed”. The Chinese Communist Party is just accumulating interest on human rights blood money.