Why does Xi Jinping mention again that I will

Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping said again “I will have no self and will not fail the people” when awarding the “July 1 Medal” on Tuesday. Two years ago, Xi used the phrase “I will have no ego” to express himself, but now he says it is a “noble sentiment” that communists should have, and what exactly does “I will have no ego” mean is once again being debated. The debate has been renewed.

Xi Jinping said at a ceremony to award the July 1 medal to CPC members on June 29 that those who received the medal “have interpreted the lofty sentiment of communists that ‘I will have no self and will not fail the people’ with their practical actions for the benefit of the people.”

Observers noted that Xi Jinping’s mention of “I will have no ego” when awarding the July 1 medal on Tuesday was a subtle change from the “I will have no ego” he said in Italy two years ago, when he confessed that he “will have no ego “This time, he asked the Communists to “I will have no self”.

Xi Jinping first mentioned the phrase during his visit to Italy in 2019, when he told the president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies that his election as president of the country was a very heavy responsibility and a very difficult job, and that “I will have no ego and will not fail the people” and that I was willing to achieve a ‘no-ego ‘ state and dedicate myself to the development of China. He seems to be expressing his spirit of sacrifice.

The phrase “no-self” is used in Taoism and Buddhism, and some netizens have quipped that President Xi Jinping’s “I will have no-self” is grammatically futuristic, meaning that he will be “no-self” in the future, not now. Not now? When? After the realization of the 100-year dream of rejuvenation? Is the incoherent “I will have no ego” an original creation of Zhongnanhai’s penmen?

After Xi Jinping said “I will have no ego and will not fail the people”, it was immediately named as Xi Jinping’s golden phrase of the year by the official media, and Xinhua News Agency specifically explained: In Xi Jinping’s mind, I will have no ego means that he has everyone in his heart, and not failing the people means that he wants to benefit everyone. The official media further explained that when the “self” is fully integrated into the “big I”, so that the “I” is not ashamed of the people, is the “true I” of the Communist Party. The “true self” of the Communist Party is when the “self” is fully integrated into the “big self”, so that the “I” is worthy of the people. Xinhua’s explanation is said to have revealed the bottom. In the end, the “ego”, that is, the individual, must be integrated into the “big self”, otherwise it is not the “true self”, but The “false self”. Who is the “big self”?

Analysts believe that the “I” Xi Jinping said is the “big I”, the “party and state”, is what he said at the medal ceremony, “The mountain is the mountain, the people are the mountain. The people have always been a beautiful word in the century-long history of the CCP, and the people decorate the CCP’s rivers and mountains. The ruler is the CCP, and the leader of the CCP is Xi Jinping. The people’s blood is spilled for the sake of the ruler’s own kingdom, regardless.

I.W. Deng, an independent scholar familiar with Chinese politics, has published a commentary analyzing that, in the CCP’s view, since “I” have no self or selfishness, what I represent is the public or national interest, so that the rights that belong to “you” can also be represented by “I”. In this way, the rights that belong to “you” can also be represented by “I”, and “you” cannot complain about it and have grievances.

The logic of Xi Jinping’s talk of “I will be without me” should also be intrinsically linked to his long-standing preaching of loyalty. At the award ceremony, Xi mentioned four qualities and spirits of CPC members, but the first one is “loyalty”. Xi Jinping asked Party members to “believe in the Party, love the Party and serve the Party”, to be loyal to the Party “forever” and to “dedicate all of their lives and even their precious lives” to the Party.

The company’s main goal is to be loyal to the party’s central committee headed by Xi Jinping, that is, to be loyal to Xi Jinping himself, and to be “selfless” and “forgetful”, so that is the “true self”, only good party members.

According to analysts, Xi’s “I will have no self” is also a ruling term that demands absolute obedience and loyalty from others. Moreover, putting “I will have no self” together with “not failing the people,” not to mention the fact that since the CCP was founded, the party and state have been one, and the so-called “dictatorship of the proletariat” has been practiced, and the history of the founding of the government has become a history of suppression. The history of the establishment of the government has become the history of the suppression of the people. If we compare it with contemporary China under Xi Jinping’s rule, it seems even more absurd. Today, as mankind enters the 21st century, millions of Muslims in Xinjiang are massively abused, and in Hong Kong, which claims to have one country, two systems, the Chinese Communist Party has torn off its mask, arrested, suppressed and imprisoned the opposition, and forced the Apple Daily, which dares to speak the truth, to close down. “Is that what it means?