Chen Breaks the Sky: A century-old party, the CCP will not reflect, but this nation should do so

The Chinese Communist Party is celebrating its centennial, and as usual, Beijing is on high alert. The feeling of the outside world: this is not a celebration? This is clearly a preparation for war; where is the festive atmosphere? More like a funeral atmosphere. Prepare for war, prepare for war, prepare for who? The people; who are they preparing to fight? The people.

The Communist Party of China claims to have “four self-confidences”, but there is no sense of security for the century-old party. The party of a hundred years has become the enemy of the people. Any gathering of people makes it tremble with fear from the bottom of its heart.

The Chinese Communist Party boasts of its merits, claiming to be rising and the second largest economy. In fact, the so-called affluence, power, rejuvenation, all these appearances are nothing new, almost all the dynasties have had them, when the terms were called great governance, prosperity, and middle prosperity. The real “performance” of the Chinese Communist Party in its 100 years of existence is that it has been a scourge to the country for 100 years, with millions of heads falling to the ground, millions of people starving to death, and hundreds of millions of living beings being reduced to modern slaves. Because of the Chinese Communist Party’s malicious obstruction, freedom and democracy, human rights and constitutionalism are out of reach of the Chinese people.

The CCP boasts of its “ten greatnesses”, but it is a century-old party that is not big, narrow-minded, small-minded and vindictive. The CCP has no capacity, no tolerance, no elegance, because its leaders have no capacity, no tolerance, no elegance. This is the latest evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has already introduced the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, but it still pursues and kills the pro-democracy camp in Hong Kong.

The Chinese Communist Party was founded with the slogan “to fight for communism for the rest of our lives”, but it soon turned into an interest group. When someone applied for membership, the party organization would instill “the interests of the party are above everything.” And for the top leaders, it became “personal power above all.” As a result, the whole party worked around how to keep the red mountain, without any regard for the fundamental welfare of the people and the long-term direction of the country. So much so that the top leaders, who spend their days in power struggle, exhaust all excuses to pursue unlimited power and monopoly. The individual is above the organization, and above the country and the people.

The Chinese Communist Party will not reflect on its century-old scourge because its leaders will not reflect on it. It should be said that the CCP, which has long been reduced to an interest group and a corrupt group, has long lost the ability to reflect. However, the Chinese nation should reflect and must reflect.

How did the CCP become a climate in the last century? After June 4, how did it bring the CCP back from the dead? One can certainly look outside to find reasons. For example, in the early part of the last century, when communism spread and the world was generally leftist, China was unfortunately the biggest neighbor of the Soviet Union and was deeply poisoned by the Red Scourge; however, in the second half of the last century, when the Soviet Union collapsed and Eastern Europe was liberated, what happened to China? The root of the disease was at home, like a cancer in the body.

Throughout the past 100 years, two centuries. First, there was Cixi on top and the Boxers underneath; later, there was Mao Zedong on top and the Red Guards underneath; now, there is Xi Jinping on top and the Pinkies underneath. The Boxer Rebellion advocates “support the Qing Dynasty and exterminate the foreigners”, but does not know that the Manchu Dynasty itself is a foreign regime, the destruction of China, the Chinese people have long been slaves; Red Guards yell “defend Chairman Mao to the death”, “defeat all “, not knowing that they themselves have been defeated by Mao Zedong, mentally by Mao Zedong completely defeated and can not stand up, and the Chinese Communist Party, is also an ideological foreign regime; little pinky shouting “patriotism”, but do not know that “the party and state leaders Most of the families of the “Party and State leaders” have been corrupt to the limit, have long transferred their wealth, families and children out of the country, and have always refused to announce the assets of their leaders and officials, constituting substantial treason and treachery.

What the Communist Party has done, especially what its leaders have done, is a mirror of this nation, reflecting the blindness, ignorance and inferiority of this nation, including selfishness, short-sightedness, greasiness, slickness, wait-and-see, wavering, opportunism and treading on two boats ……

The Chinese Communist Party has shown the world that doing evil is also a way to survive, as long as it can be packaged as if it were doing good. After being whitewashed, the corresponding packaging becomes: dictatorship, propaganda, love and hate, service to the people, work needs, etc.

The party of a hundred years has been doing evil for a hundred years, but it still survives and grows arrogant day by day, defying the world. Such a strange thing is actually the scandal of this country, the biggest stain of the 5,000-year-old Chinese nation. This is a national shame, a real national shame, a great national shame! This is the worst.