The Communist Party’s centennial anniversary is approaching, and Beijing is on the brink of an enemy?

Beijing has entered an unprecedented state of tight security as the Communist Party’s centennial celebration approaches on July 1, in a bid to ensure foolproof security.

Reuters reported that Beijing authorities conducted covert final drills and rehearsals on Friday (June 25) to make final preparations for the July 1 celebrations, which will come a few days later. Although plans for the day’s celebrations in Tiananmen Square were not disclosed to the public, though Chinese official media and some government agencies hinted that there should be a large performance event.

According to online sources, in addition to the numerous national flags, party flags, various propaganda banners and flowerbeds decorated by the authorities, armed police, public security officers and “volunteers” were deployed everywhere to monitor passersby. There are videos showing a large number of police officers patrolling some major intersections and streets with police dogs. The area around Tiananmen Square was closed and a large number of police cars were on alert.

In residential neighborhoods and communities, elderly men wearing red armbands watched residents entering and leaving the area. The authorities have also imposed traffic control, road closures, traffic restrictions, and strict restrictions on foreign vehicles and people entering the capital, with security being strictly enforced in all directions, both in the sky and underground. There are pictures showing that the manhole covers of the sewers near Tiananmen Square are sealed with security checks after inspection.

There are also key areas of the government and military family compounds issued a notice, requiring everyone in the 24-hour final control period from June 30 midnight to July 1 midnight, the street windows to close, draw the curtains, no probing, photography and video, personal family can not meet guests, electric vehicles, etc. can not be charged, and so on.

The Reuters report also said that the authorities have been deterring possible dissident activities, making numerous arrests of various people, including netizens accused of slandering “heroes” with their online comments, and setting up a hotline to encourage reporting of any “historical nihilism” comments. At the same time, police have recently stepped up security and other restrictions, including going door-to-door in the central East Side to check on residents and determine the number of people living at each address.

There are also reports that some dissidents, rights activists and petitioners in Beijing and elsewhere have been subjected to “on-duty” surveillance, taken away for “tours” or intercepted and controlled, among other things.

Cai Xia, a retired professor at the Central Party School, recently tweeted that the Communist Party is celebrating its 100th anniversary as if it were a catastrophe, and that there is a great deal of anxiety and fear in the air. The Chinese Communist Party has guns in hand, money in hand, and high-tech monitors in hand, so it can arrest people when it says so, and block their numbers when it says so.

According to another report by the Central News Agency, from June 27, all media reporters who want to cover related activities must complete two doses of COVID-19 China vaccination and stay in a centralized closed management hotel after the nucleic acid test, and can not leave the hotel until after the July 1 celebration conference, interviews are unified by the official arrangements for centralized transportation.

The report also said that about 2,000 journalists from mainland China and 500 from foreign media signed up to cover the event. However, not all registered media have obtained the right to cover. As of the 27th, Taiwan media were not issued press cards for the event, but journalists who were vaccinated before June 15 were allowed to participate in the relevant coverage activities. Among the Hong Kong media, it is reported that only journalists holding identity cards from mainland China were issued press cards for the event, and Hong Kong journalists were only given access to the official website of the press center, and it has not yet been confirmed whether they can participate in the July 1 celebrations.