Hong Kong’s top 2 online media outlets take down their videos and evacuate Hong Kong to avoid the “National Security Law”.

The news media sector in Hong Kong has been in a state of flux recently. After the Hong Kong Apple Daily was shut down due to the suspension of its financial flow, and the Standpoint News announced that it would take down its opinion articles, rewrite its staff contracts, and stop accepting sponsorships and dues, 2 other online media outlets also took measures in response, including the 852 Post taking down its news videos and Winandmac Media pulling out of Hong Kong to avoid being accused of violating the The other two online media also took measures to avoid being accused of violating the “Hong Kong National Security Law”.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the founder of 852 Post, You Qingyuan, issued an “apology notice” on the 28th, saying that Hong Kong is currently “super stormy” and the political atmosphere is like a big heavy rain and strong typhoon, so the news videos on the YouTube platform can only be temporarily taken down. The video was taken down, and confessed that the way the video was made in the past “could not continue”, and that the practice would be changed in the future to continue to “speak about the feelings of Hong Kong and the spirit of Hong Kong”.

You Qing Yuan previously said that after considering the risks have been evacuated all employees, only by his operation.

Meanwhile, the online media Winandmac Media, which began operations in 2010, also said on the 28th that they used to be based in Hong Kong, and also set up a company in Hong Kong, and transformed from a technology news media to a comprehensive news media, but nowadays the freedom of the press in Hong Kong is not what everyone knows, and they are often intimidated and threatened by unknown, so after consideration, has completed the withdrawal from Hong Kong procedures, including the cancellation of business registration, and the provision of information on the new overseas offices.

Winandmac said that despite the withdrawal from Hong Kong, they still have freelancers in Hong Kong who can cover and report on Hong Kong from time to time. Their funds are currently only available for two to three months, but the founders emphasize that they will continue to seek solutions.