Japanese supercomputer “Fuyutake” global triple hegemony “44 Jing 2010 trillion times per second

Japanese supercomputer “Fugaku” (Supercomputer Fugaku) recently calculated that the social distance for the Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) Delta virus should be 2 meters, and recently on line ISC2021 HPC (high performance computing technology) bagged The four first, three consecutive championship, computing speed ranking “Top 500”, but also to “44 Jing 2010 trillion” times per second of the terrifying speed of the United States supercomputer Summit (14 Jing 86 trillion times per second calculation).

Comprehensive Japanese media reports, the Japanese Institute of Science and Chemistry released news on the 28th, in March this year in Kobe, Japan, the official operation of the Research Center for Computing Science “Fu Yue”, after June and November last year, once again in the four project performance ranking in the first, to obtain the “triple hegemony “It became the first supercomputer in the world to win this award.

According to the report, in the “Top 500” computing speed ranking, Fuyue is believed to be able to run 44 kyo 2010 trillion times per second, far better than the second-ranked U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s supercomputer “Summit”, which has a computing speed of This is far better than the second-ranked supercomputer “Summit” of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which has a computing speed of 14 Gyeong86 trillion times per second.

In addition, in the industrial computing performance, artificial intelligence computing performance, big data processing performance, Fu Yue won the first place. According to the report, in the future, Fuyutake will provide help in various fields such as epidemic simulation and even disaster prevention of heavy rain and typhoon in Japan and the world.