Icelandic Chinese Adventure

In faraway Iceland, Chinese people are rare, so my visit was extremely welcome. A young couple was so excited to invite me into their home because they actually spoke Chinese.

They were a little nervous at first, so they spoke English first. A few years ago, they got a small book to learn Chinese and a Chinese-English Dictionary, so they started to learn by themselves. Now I have learned it well, but unfortunately I have never met a Chinese person, so I can only talk on my own. Today I finally got a chance! Yes, they also took Chinese names, the young man is called Wang Laolong and the girl is called Zhang Xiaofeng.

Wang Laolong spoke first: “Mr. Wu, please huan our welcome! “

I opened my eyes wide and didn’t blink for half a day. –what he said ah. At that moment, Zhang Xiaofeng also spoke: “We would really like to be touched by you, non-very. “

I still froze, Wang Lao Long more to the spirit, “a person’s China enough strange Iceland, all the people of Iceland cheerful serious welcome to China, how much. “When they smiled with satisfaction, I just had time to think lamentably: with only a thin booklet, they learned to deviate, learned into a rare and weird “Icelandic Chinese “.

They couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to have a conversation with me in Chinese. I hastily said in English modestly: Although I am Chinese, I speak a dialect. Can they have the conversation and I will listen. After thinking about it for a while, they told me to have a “love conversation”, and they started talking audibly.

“Ah, Wang Laolong. “

“Ah, Zhang Xiaofeng! “

“Please be loved by me. “

“Please be loved by me too. “

“You are my sweetheart, very much. “

“Are you not more a sweetheart, non very. “

“The sky is the limit, that feeling makes us a million and one. “

“The sky is the limit, a thousand waters and a thousand mountains! “

They were talking like they were drunk, but I was confused. This Icelandic Chinese of the end of the world really threw me into a thousand waters and a thousand mountains. I was still in a daze when they were about to tell another beautiful legend about Iceland.

“A long, long time ago,” began Wang Lao Long “A lot of ice is the future of Iceland. Here is a sun fire that burns seven rays to the earth. One parent belonged to ten children, and the fish lived from day to night happily very. Each child finds one sweetheart, you are loved me each others ……”

Wang Laolong spilled out, throwing me into the clouds. Finally, Zhang Xiaofeng excitedly made the closing: “The ice changed the sea, people changed the ice, the house in the ice house on the people, by the sun fierce burning. …… an era ago long long, a lot of ice ……”

After speaking, they looked at each other with satisfaction, and then looked at me again. I was almost touched, not by the unintelligible legend, but by the two older children who were engrossed in Icelandic Chinese. I felt sorry for them: years of hard work to learn a ridiculous language. But when it comes to “usefulness,” they nod unequivocally.

“To whom do you speak this language? I asked, puzzled.

“Not to others,” Wang Lao Long also spoke English, “but to ourselves. Only to ourselves. “

“Yourselves? “

“Yes,” said Zhang Xiaofeng, “at home. We speak Chinese a lot, and it’s fun. Outside, it’s even better; we have conversations that outsiders don’t understand. Sometimes, on trips, we express our feelings to each other and speak so movingly that we almost cry, and others don’t know what we’re saying. “

Listening, thinking, I suddenly realized: this is not a wrong set of sick sentences, but a new language – a new language beyond the five thousand languages of the earth. Although it belongs to only two people, it has all the functions of language: describing concepts, conveying ideas, expressing feelings ……

When it was time to part, they said goodbye to me sincerely in the new “Icelandic Chinese”.

Wang Laolong said: “Mr. Wu, we high today’s Xing, very serious. “

Zhang Xiaofeng said: “You were caught by us friends, already. “

Wang Laolong said: “I and my chaff, prefer to make beautiful rice to feed you again. “

They also said: “You are not allowed to stop coming to console us. I am a friend, every bite of others. “

I walked out of their house and waved while trying to say: “I am high on my own hinges, how much. Seriously willing to be caught by you guys. Make beautiful rice to feed me, that affection makes us a million and one, non very. “They laughed with satisfaction and waved vigorously on one side.

I drove along, recalling the conversation I had just had sentence by sentence, my heart floating with something brand new. I planned to visit them again and decided to take them as my teachers. With my language skills, I would soon learn and become the third person in the world to speak “Icelandic Chinese”.