Thor’s thunderbolt and thunder drum

In the ancient times of the chaos of heaven and earth, demons and monsters were unbridled evil. So, the emperor gave the god of thunder, let him organize the thunder department, the division of the world’s lightning strike thunder, for the world to eliminate evil and suppress evil.

When the god of thunder took office, he only had a dog – nine ears dog, it has nine ears on its head, can rotate to listen to the sound of the four directions, fierce and good at reconnaissance. The god of thunder with nine ears dog, looking for thunder and lightning tools.


On his way to consult Yuan Shi Tian Zun, he passed by Gaoting Tun when a rod fell from the sky and landed on a three-foot square boulder, emitting a strong flash of lightning. At the same time, when the rod emitted lightning, there was also a “thunderbolt” sound, so he called this rod the thunderbolt. Where the rod points, where the lightning will shine. From then on, the sky can lightning.

It turns out that this is the old man sealed furnace refining fire rod, the old man used it to refine pills fire is too fierce, so no longer used. The god of thunder picked up the “thunderbolt stick”, it took no effort to get, like a god. However, the next thunder drum can take a lot of effort to build.

Searching for the Kui Beast on Liu Bo Mountain

The god of thunder visited Yuan Shi Tianzun, who happened to be out of town. The disciples of the Heavenly Father knew a little about the materials for thunder drums, so they told Lei Shen: “There is a mountain in the East Sea, where there is a beast called ‘Kui’, whose skin can be used to make drums to strike thunder.”

The ancient beast Kui is shaped like a dragon, with horns on its head, a body three feet long, and scaled armor as bright as the sun and moon, brilliantly shining, but with only one leg. There is only one pair of kui beasts in the world, the female kui is docile and the male kui is fierce and aggressive.

Kui go outside every day at sunrise to collect the essence of the sun. As the days go by, the masculine essence is concentrated in the whole body, and the sound of roaring is so loud that people can hear it from 800 miles away. However, Kui beasts must avoid each other when they go out to collect Yang, so it is impossible to see two Kui beasts at the same time.

When the god of thunder came to Liu Bo Mountain with his nine-eared dog, he soon found a kui beast playing by the waterfall under the sun. The god of thunder wanted to hit the kui beast with a thunderbolt, but in order to avoid the lightning from piercing its whole body and damaging the quality of the drum, he first released the nine-eared dog to lure the kui beast. The nine-eared dog barked fiercely, the kui beast turned out to be a female, very docile, do not care about the nine-eared dog barking. Nine ears dog see it does not respond, fierce scurry, a bite kui beast ears, but unexpectedly fell to the ground, and the kui beast did not hurt a hair!

It turns out that the ears of the kui beast will automatically discharge when in a crisis. The nine-eared dog had suffered a loss and barked at the kui beast from afar. The female kui ignored the barking and slowly turned around, ready to leave. When the god of thunder saw it to himself, he took the opportunity to raise the thunderbolt, lightning through the eyes of the female kui, and knocked it down.


The god of thunder happily skinned the kui beast and made a drum. He was disappointed to find that the sound of the drums was so low that he could not help but be disappointed. So, the god of thunder visited Yuan Shi Tianzun again. This time, he saw him. The God of Thunder said that his disciples had not made it clear that the female kui could only take the bones to make the mallets, while the male kui could only skin the drums, and that the mallets and drums must be used together to make the masculine sound of thunder.

The god of thunder understood the reason why the drum did not sound. He went up to Liu Bo Mountain again to catch the male kui.

Catching Male Kui

The Kui beast was no longer seen outside the mountain. Since the male Kui had lost his female Kui, he was depressed and hibernated in the cave all day. The nine-eared dog soon detected the cave where he was.

The god of thunder first let the nine-eared dog enter the cave to explore. The nine-eared dog first stood at a distance and barked, but Xiong Kui paid no attention. When the nine-eared dog saw that Xiong Kui did not respond, he boldly went forward to tease. Angered, the male kui slowly stood up and roared at the same time. A thunderous sound echoed in the cave, and the rumbling sound waves deafened the nine-eared dog. Too late, the male kui was as fast as lightning and bit the nine-eared dog.

When the god of thunder heard the nine-eared dog barking at the entrance of the cave, he used a thunderbolt to click on a dead branch at the edge of the cave and burned up smoke to force the male kui to come out of the cave. The kui beast also had strong skills, and it exhaled the wind vigorously, driving the smoke to roll out of the cave.

The god of thunder still kept drumming wind into the cave. The god of thunder called the wind and rain first, of course, the kui beast can not compare. Male Kui finally could not stand the smoke and rushed out of the cave. The god of thunder at the entrance of the cave was hit by a huge object, and his body shook and almost fell down the mountain, so he failed to make a thunderbolt instantly.

Xiong Kui escaped from the cave and then dived into the sea. It floated on the East China Sea, opened its huge mouth to suck seawater and then sprayed out, a huge column of water rushed high into the sky, dozens of miles around the sea, suddenly started a rainstorm, wind, rolling waves. The god of thunder quickly chased him to the East China Sea and used a thunderbolt to kill him while he continued to spray water.

Making Thunder Drum

The god of thunder took the skin of the male kui and made a huge drum with the bone mallet of the female kui and beat it. This is what the world calls the “thunder drum”.

The god of thunder has thunderbolts and thunder drums, from then on, the lightning flashes in the night, the sound of thunder and demons scared, deterring the world’s demons and evil spirits. At the same time, the thunderbolt was also transformed into the Emperor’s judicial magistrate, hitting those bad people who did not believe in good and evil, in order to punish people and warn the earth.

Source: Song Sheng Hongzhi’s “The Book of Jingzhou”, Southern Dynasty