What kind of dog? Chinese red song contest by puppy trouble scene

On the eve of the Communist Party’s centennial celebration, many jokes have been made around China to celebrate the birthday of the Communist Party, and recently a short video of a red song competition in one part of China being staged by a dog on stage has gone viral. The netizens ridiculed that “it really should be a chicken and a duck singing the red song and a pig and a dog dancing the red dance” and “very good symbolism: go dog”. There are also people ironically, this is known as “Hu grizzly plate” editor-in-chief of the Global Times Hu Xijin on stage to receive the award.

The video shows the so-called “red song chorus competition”, there is a conductor in front of the stage, a group of people in costume, neatly arranged, is singing enthusiastically, suddenly a white dog ran on stage, wagging its tail, as if to participate in the performance. The staff rushed on stage to get rid of the puppy, kicking it with their feet and driving it with a stretcher, all to no avail.

The overseas Chinese also shared the video through Twitter, some people exclaimed, “Watching the dog is much better than watching the people on stage,” and “The song was originally a song in praise of animals, so people want to go on stage. Sorry, the dog was shot”, “very good symbolism: go dog”, “Hu gripper (Hu Xijin) on stage to receive the award”, “President Xi is on stage”, “it was just a good show. “It was just a nice accident, those three punches and two kicks exposed the nature of these people beasts are worse”.