How to prove that you will not take advantage of the opportunity to smear the mainland

Recently, the China News Group (formerly China Line), which is dedicated to reporting high quality China news, reported a ludicrous story.

It has come to the attention of CrowdNews China that a number of Chinese students have recently taken to social media to accuse the Chinese-funded organization Novamax of deliberately giving them The Chinese news agency Novamax has been accused of giving them “false positive” nucleic acid test results and making them do it again to get money. As a professional news organization, the China News Group should of course liaise with both sides and listen to different opinions in order to balance the report and avoid biased hearing.

From the content of the program, the semi-official Chinese testing organization “Novamax” was very quick to accept the interview, saying that it was a smear, and came up with an official endorsement that The Chinese Embassy told them to ignore the gossip on the Internet. The interviewee’s statement was included in the full news report by the China News team. But when CrowdNews China tried to contact Mia Zhang, who claimed to be a victim on Little Red Book, things went in an unimaginable direction.

Generally speaking, rights defenders are the weaker party, as they often have to face an entire company or even the government on their own. So when influential media or individuals are willing to help speak out, they are often happy to do so. This is why it is normal to see many rights activists on Weibo asking for help from netizens to defend their rights. However, when Mia Zhang received an invitation from the News China team to interview her, her first response was, “How can you prove that your report will not take advantage of the opportunity to smear the mainland? I have to praise her, she is very vigilant and has a high awareness of the struggle between the enemy and us, she is a socialist successor with good roots.

When the staff of the Crowd News China Group gave the official link of their organization in order to win Mia Zhang’s trust, Mia Zhang estimated that the Crowd News China Group often reported negative news about the great motherland, so not only did she not accept the interview without mentioning it, but also backhanded a report that led to the blocking of the Crowd News Working Group’s Little Red Book account. Afterwards, Mia Zhang proudly showed her report record and said that the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law had been passed and that the China News Team was acting against the wind by trying to interview her.

The approach of this successor, who always takes the class struggle as her platform, is sometimes breathtaking. Reminiscent of the former mainland Chinese microblogging netizen, Wuyue Sanren, who has been beaten down by patriots, once told a similar story in one of his programs, “Why I’m starting to gloat over the little pink group. According to Wuyue Sanren, his mentality used to be that even though I don’t agree with you, I vow to defend your right to speak. That’s why he used to help some of the pink groups who encountered the iron fist of socialism to speak up for their rights. Although some of them asked the people who had helped them to delete their posts after the matter had been resolved, from the perspective of human selfishness, Wuyue Sanren still expressed his understanding. However, recently, such groups have evolved into active censorship, even in the process of defending their rights, before the matter is resolved, they began to self-reject anyone with a tainted composition, and actively report to clear the relationship, the so-called pure revolutionary team can not tolerate a grain of sand. Since then Wuyue Sanren has been gloating about such groups.

The connection between this group of people portrayed by Wuyue Sanren and Mia Zhang is a perfect fit, except for the fact that the rights and wrongs are yet to be clarified. While real semi-official organizations are happy to be interviewed, Mia Zhang keeps her nerves taut, keeping the bottom line of the enemy’s defense, and brings up the National Security Law, appealing not to be exploited by people with ulterior motives. A vivid image of a revolutionary general who sacrifices his family and cares about the others leaps off the page. Is it true that they should be divided, as Wuyue Sanren said?

If you think deeper, you will find that this change is not unwarranted, it is precisely the result of the deterioration and narrowing of China’s internal public opinion environment. Prior to this, it was easy to see that many legitimate actions to defend their rights were accused by patriots of maliciously smearing the country and passing knives to forces outside of China. As a result, the whole action of defending rights lost its focus and was stigmatized, and the people concerned faced the double blow of not being able to realize their demands and having their personalities discredited at any time. This is like the Mao era, if everyone is a defender of Chairman Mao and believes in Mao Zedong Thought, then even if there are conflicts between each other, they are internal conflicts within the people. But once one party is tainted with the so-called foreign forces, even if it is only to learn a foreign language, even if it happens to have a distant relative abroad, then it is an enemy conflict, a struggle between you and me.

Therefore, if we put ourselves in his shoes, I am afraid that Mia Zhong’s approach has no choice. Once he is interviewed by the China News Team, there is a certain chance that he will be labeled as a collaborator with foreign forces, and then his human rights activism will be completely out of focus, and he himself may be criticized and stigmatized. How do you get the lead in a place where ideology takes precedence over everything else? That is to act more red and more revolutionary than the enemy. Therefore, it is not enough to refuse to be interviewed, but also to take the initiative to report it and make it public to show that you are light and clear and that your loyalty to the party and the state can be seen in the sun and the moon. Just like the Cultural Revolution, if you find that your friends and relatives are disloyal to the party, the best way is to be the first to report and clear the relationship before others do. Otherwise, once others have been first, implicating themselves is a matter of time. After all, the nest does not report, proving that you also have two hearts for the party.

Therefore, if we look at the flesh and blood mutilation and the rebellion between husband and wife during the Cultural Revolution from this perspective, and even at Mia Zhong’s “overreaction”, I am afraid it is not difficult to understand The reason for this is not difficult to understand. For if one does not do so, one will suffer sooner or later. There are signs that this powerful nation is running wild in a direction that no one can stop, and a return to the past is likely sooner or later. As for such a direction is right or wrong, I’m afraid we still have to leave it to history to judge the merits and demerits.