July 1 before the Beijing household survey again to investigate the population What is the inventory?

“The Beijing Municipal Government issued an important notice to conduct a household survey of the population from June 15. The notice requires that 60,000 people and 240 communities be surveyed, so that “no household is left out and no one is left behind”.

The seventh national census, which has only been completed for a few months, has a long form and a short form, both of which are information that the government needs to know. Why does Beijing have to labor to conduct another household survey?

The answer is one word: fear!

Let’s take a look at what the CCP is afraid of from this “Beijing 2021 Population Sample Survey Form,” with its new additions.

First of all, the Chinese Communist Party is afraid of its own officials. In the new “occupation” selection field, the first in line is “the head of state organs, party organizations, enterprises, institutions. In other words, the CCP cares a lot about who is in charge. Because these people are the CCP’s fellow travelers, everyone has something in the hands of the CCP and can be caught and killed at any time. In order to protect themselves, these people also have evidence of the CCP’s sins in their hands, and once this evidence gets out to foreign countries, its lethality can be imagined.

Recently, Xi Jinping led the Politburo Standing Committee and other senior Communist Party officials to swear to “keep the secrets of the Party” and “never betray the Party”. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) also issued a new circular to intimidate CCP officials of all sizes by recalling the fate of the traitor Gu Shunzhang, who had his entire family of 47 people beheaded by the CCP 90 years ago. This shows the extent to which the CCP is afraid of its own officials.

Second, the CCP is afraid of people who work in international organizations. At the end of the new “industry” column, the option of “international organizations” appears abruptly. According to the principle of formal industry classification, there is no such category as “international organizations”. Because those who work in international organizations know about democratic countries and the CCP’s black-and-white propaganda, they are in a better position to tell the international community the truth about China, so the CCP fears these people.

Third, the CCP is afraid of those who come to Beijing to petition. In the new “purpose of coming to Beijing”, “expected time of stay in Beijing”, “time of leaving the household registration”, etc., it looks very much like an entry card. It is ridiculous that foreigners entering Beijing are registered as if they are going abroad to another country.

The CCP is afraid of the petitioners because they have been bullied by the local officials and have reached the point of no return, some of them want to fight with the CCP to the end, and some of them want to flee abroad to sue.

In addition, because of the fear, the Chinese Communist Party has to get hold of these people’s properties, as well as the connection between properties and household registration and people. For example, in the “number of people who should be registered in this household”, including those who live in this household and those whose household registration is in this household. We also report the relationship with the head of the household, the location of the household, and the place of residence at the time of the survey. This connects the people’s properties, household registrations and connections so that the CCP can blackmail the people at any time based on this and confiscate their properties if they do not kneel down.

As you can see, Beijing’s household survey is aimed at the people they are afraid of, so that they can get all the information about these people for key surveillance.

In order to achieve the goal of “not missing a single household, not leaving a single person behind”, Beijing has made a lot of efforts. In the Fengtai District Shijuzhuang Street, for example, the investigators, under the guidance of the local police station, had to conduct a comprehensive mapping of the household registry of the people on the survey list in advance, and at the same time combine the data from the seventh national census to sort out the relevant information about the people being surveyed on a household-by-household basis.

It can be seen that who to investigate, how many people to investigate, how to investigate, all under the layout of public security, according to the Chinese Communist Party blacklist, as well as the results of the seventh national census, selected by the Chinese Communist Party “interested” in the people. It was all rehearsed beforehand, not just a random check.

As the CCP has big data to monitor the population, Beijing does not need to enter households again during the epidemic, it is just a birthday celebration on July 1. You can imagine that the CCP wouldn’t be so scared if they didn’t know they were sitting on the crater of a volcano!