From the defections of senior Chinese Communist officials

Rumors are swirling and unexplained, who has defected? Both the public and the officials are concerned about this question. In fact, no matter who defected, it means one thing: the people inside the CCP are already in a state of panic and can’t end the day. As the legend goes, the sign that the ship is about to sink is that the rats on board have jumped into the water and fled. Because the rats know the ship best and know if there is any hope for the ship.

Although the rumors are inconclusive, some actions of Xi Jinping and the CCP suggest that the situation is as serious as people’s legends, or even more serious. As the saying goes, a family scandal must not be disclosed. Now even the big scandal from decades ago, which the CCP has kept secret for decades, is being brought out to scare people; it can also show that Xi Jinping and his thugs have panicked and are at their wits’ end, not caring about what it means to be ashamed of themselves.

In the 1930s, the CCP followed the Soviet theory that only the working class was the most reliable, and that the top leadership of the Party had to include people of worker origin to conform to the class theory of the CCP. As a result, Gu Shunzhang, a worker and a gangster, became the leader of the top intelligence system of the CCP, and was arrested on a mission and betrayed the CCP leadership in Shanghai.

Zhou Enlai took an assassination team formed by Chen Gung and others and killed Gu Shunzhang’s whole family and all the unrelated people in their house, including the benefactor who had saved Zhou Enlai’s life, but only Gu Shunzhang himself and a little girl who was a relative of his. After that, the assassination team continued to kill Gu Shunzhang’s relatives and friends, killing dozens of people in total. Naturally, the Kuomintang did not let go of this opportunity and used the little girl who had escaped to spread propaganda and completely stigmatize the Communist Party, forcing the Chinese Communist Party to flee to Jiangxi and other secessionist regimes as they could not stay in Shanghai to receive funding from the Communist International.

I first heard about this incident when I was a child accompanying my father to drink with his old comrades. At that time, I was educated by the brainwashing in school and was bragging about Zhou Enlai at the dinner table. An old man, probably drunk, slapped his chopsticks and reprimanded me, saying: What do you know about children, nonsense. Then he told the story above. I didn’t believe him, but he said he was the one who killed Gu Shunzhang’s family together with Chen Gung and others at that time. I still didn’t want to believe it. I said, “Then why did someone in the Party dare to speak badly of Old Mao and no one dared to speak badly of Premier Zhou? He put down his glass and slowly said: afterwards to sum up the lessons learned, Zhou Enlai said one thing: later to kill, kill their family no one to sue, cut the grass to get rid of the root, who still dare to say bad things about Zhou Enlai? This became an unwritten rule within the Communist Party.

This rule, elevated Stalin’s brutal struggle, ruthless crackdown, coupled with the cutting of grass to eliminate the roots, six relatives. Call them gangsters, the mob would be ashamed. The Chinese Communist Party’s own people who will be like Bi Fujian, a few jokes at the drop of a hat will be cut off “Qingqing life” it? Liu Shaoqi wanted to get rid of Gao Gang, but Mao didn’t know about it, so Peng, Huang, Zhang and Zhou whined privately and angered Mao. Lin Biao’s son attempted a coup like a joke, and Mao knew about it. Liu Shaoqi and Zhou Enlai shipped their grain and food reserves to the Soviet Union in advance to pay off their debts, and Old Mao didn’t know until tens of millions of people starved to death to hold Old Mao responsible, and he only found out that people were trying to get rid of him. This shows how terrible it is to control the unit of intelligence and governance.

Xiao Xi his father and old Deng have been persecuted by the secret service, once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the well rope. Xiao Xi has been away from the capital for many years in politics, and there is no one, naturally suspicious of the secret services plotting and scheming uneasy. After the rectification of the army on the rectification of the secret service organs, is also the character of the family due to the so-called do not forget the original heart well. This also shows that the political people in Beijing are on tenterhooks, as the saying goes, the mountain rain is coming to fill the building, as Lin Biao said: the tree wants to be quiet but the wind is not. Either a coup d’état or a major purge will take place.

As the netizens have chosen, the most dangerous profession now is to be an official. The people don’t think they have nothing to do with it, but if the city gate is on fire, the fish will be affected. This time may be more serious than that of the Cultural Revolution, we should be prepared in advance for the disaster, when you can reduce losses.