3 dead, many injured in stabbing attack in Germany, African-American suspect shouts “Allah is the greatest”

In a random attack in Germany on Friday, a 24-year-old Somali immigrant man danced with a knife, killing three people and injuring several others, before being arrested after being shot in the leg by police.

The incident took place in Uzbourg, Germany, and police were called to the scene at around 5 p.m. and arrested the suspect, who was subsequently interrogated in hospital.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said that in addition to the three dead, five of the injured are in serious condition and it is uncertain whether they will survive. He also mentioned that witnesses pointed out that the suspect shouted “Allahu akbar” during the murder.

The police said the suspect is extremely mentally unstable and has a recent record of receiving psychiatric treatment, and are searching his home and investigating his connections for further evidence. Police added that although the suspect has a previous record, his past criminal record is not related to the terrorist attack.