China released Dong Jingwei meeting video! Net exposure “PS techniques” point out the breach

Chinese Vice Minister of State Security Dong Jingwei is rumored to have defected from the United States, the Chinese government released the video footage of his participation in the 16th meeting of the Secretaries of the Security Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states on the 24th, netizens exposed the “PS technique” to point out the flaws, and even mentioned that the film It can also be tampered with through editing.

The official website of the Chinese government released the news footage produced by the official media “CCTV”, in the 5th second you can see the stop frame of Chinese State Council Deputy Secretary General Meng Yang, Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Foreign-related Security Affairs Cheng Guoping, Vice Minister of Public Security Du Hangwei and Vice Minister of State Security Dong Jingwei.

Solomon Yue, co-founder of the Republican Party’s overseas affairs group, tweeted that the official stop-motion footage released by China had been “Photoshopped” and that he had put up a composite image of himself saying, “I’m in this meeting too. Yu stressed that the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) still closely protects Dong Jingwei, and that the Chinese Communist Party released a fake video.

Some netizens believe that the film can also be tampered with through editing, “all the text on the background wall is made using ps shadows, suspended and no thickness. The desktop where people shoot a little higher angle, no one can not see the desktop, there should be desktop reflect the blue background wall. The middle table seal cycle content is obvious. The table front clarity is inconsistent. The conclusion is that no place is not faked.”