I participated in 1,000 live, one-third of the sale of fake goods

On the eve of 618, head anchor Veya and Er Donkey were mocked for bringing goods to flip, and veteran actor Zhang Chenguang was scolded and cried over the controversy of selling counterfeit goods during the live-streaming of goods. The most popular way of online shopping is to broadcast live goods, which involves live platforms, e-commerce platforms, anchors, brand merchants, intermediaries, consumers and other parties, each taking what they want in the jungle of interests, selling counterfeit and overturning frequently, and only consumers are always cut.

In a live broadcast of just 13 days, an original price of 599 yuan of stamping tide T was directly cut to 99 yuan. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Liu Mei also heard the anchor say that it is authentic and fake one for three.

After getting the goods Liu Mei realized that something was wrong, the label on the back is not BOY, but BOYaxz, which also became the merchant’s way of saying, “This is not fake, we have all three labels, is boyaxz “.

Similar words appear in the jewelry and gold, tide brand tide shoes, first-line skin care products and other live broadcast.

Some people found live in the sale of international brand “Ralph Lauren” polo shirt, the price is the original price of 20% off, the anchor to ensure the authenticity, and said you can counter inspection, but to go to the counter inspection was concluded The price of the polo shirt is 20% off the original price. In the purchase of gold, the anchor in the live broadcast said you can go to the counter to replace the style, but take to the counter often found to contain insufficient gold, a burn on the white foam.

This is also a common routine between live, to “give back to the fans, welfare prices, low-priced promotions” for a significant price reduction, in order to increase the credibility, support the counter inspection, fake a compensation three In order to increase the credibility, support the counter inspection, fake one to compensate for three, 7 days no reason to return, and even have a tide authorization, agent certificate, and business license, etc..

But these sworn words are not guaranteed to be authentic, or what you think is authentic.

Similar manipulation methods are also vague in the live broadcast, not naming the logo, only implying that it is a big brand, authentic, the most typical is the first arrested in Shanghai live with goods net red, to “Grandma Xiang The most typical is the first live-streaming with goods netizen arrested in Shanghai, with “fragrant grandmother” implying that it is the same model, selling at only one percent of the price of the genuine product. Or forged authorization certificates, live-streaming logos, customs declarations, falsely claiming to have obtained authorization to bring goods from international hip brands.

In the case of Luo Yonghao’s wool sweater, Luo’s team checked the brand authorization, dealer authorization, and genuine inspection report certificate, but these were all forged instruments.

Xu Bo, a senior e-commerce live source, told “Leopard Change” that forged authorization letters are the hardest hit area for live carrying. Merchants of all sizes around the head anchors even join hands with second-hand intermediaries (middlemen of merchants and anchors) to forge them in order to be selected for the live broadcast.

Playing the information gap is a consistent way to counterfeit international tide brands, with small cost and difficult to obtain evidence. in May 2020, Nanjing police received a report of someone posing as an international brand selling counterfeits in a live broadcast, the store claimed to have authorization and relevant customs declarations, the police first sought confirmation on the brand’s certification platform, then verified with overseas tide brands until the overseas company and affiliates issued a statement, and it took a month before and after the arrest.

This is similar to Vaia’s later Supreme incident. Xu Bai told “Leopard Change” that Veya’s approach to forensics was to send a letter to Supreme for evidence, but it’s hard to say if she could get a letter back.

The head anchor’s bandwagon fiasco can foresee the treacherous nature of this emerging industry.

According to the 47th report released by the China Internet Information Center in February 2021, as of December 2020, China’s live webcast users reached 617 million, of which live e-commerce users accounted for half, at 388 million, and more than 60% of users with a shopping history in live e-commerce.

But another data also shows that live complaints soared, in 2020, the national 12315 platform received 25,500 complaints reported, of which live with goods accounted for 80%, the focus of the problem in the quality is not good, the limit of propaganda to guide impulsive consumption and return difficult.

In the black cat complaints, the search “live fake” there are 1294 results.

After the Dovetail 12Pro, which was brought to the market by the second donkey, there were many new complaints of fake phones sold by the second donkey on Black Cat Complaints. The original price of the phone was 4999 yuan, but it was cut to 899 yuan in the live broadcast. If not for the fact that the Dovetail 12Pro was revealed to be inconsistent with the model on record and not on the official Dovetail website, just one phone would have brought tens of millions of dollars in performance for the second donkey, and this performance would have been split between the anchor second donkey, the supplier Shenzhen Youbao Times and the platform party, while the labeled machine was paid for by the consumer.

The rise of live goods has nourished the anchors, merchants and platforms that carry goods.

In the newborn ground of live with goods, the platform side to the traffic, anchors to the eloquence, merchants to the goods, consumers to pay. Everyone in the same chain of interests, dependence symbiosis and mutual game. The platform wants to contribute to a higher transaction amount; some merchants want to earn more price difference, and even do not hesitate to move on the quality of goods; and some anchors in order to cheat commission, to “pure commission” The company’s business is a good example of how to get the most out of your business.

A new industry is inevitably chaotic, but also brings tightening of regulation.

The latest news to deter the anchor industry is a recent article in the Legal Daily, “anchors selling counterfeit goods can be sentenced to up to 10 years”. On March 18, 2021, the China Advertising Association even released the “Webcast Marketing Selection Specification”, which gives four steps as a reference for anchors’ selection.

Live broadcast platform parties continue to increase their penalties. After the two donkeys couple of cell phone overturning incident exposure, fast hand square announced “fake a compensation nine”, 3 times from the independent broadcast, 3 times from the brand, business, 3 times from the fast hand electric business. This single may need to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars.

Xu Bo has also eaten the pain of fake goods, he is the middleman between the merchants and anchors. Previously, the company’s reputation went bankrupt because of the blatant sale of fakes by several established merchants who sent real products to the live broadcast, but sent out fake ones.

He told “Leopard Change” that of the 1,000 short video live broadcasts he coordinated, one-third of them were known to be fake and the anchors were informed. He even formed a regional set-up of “sending real goods to first-tier cities and fake goods to fourth- and fifth-tier cities”.

The following is his oral statement.

“First-tier cities to send real goods, four or five-line cities to send fake goods, two or three lines randomly sent”

I am an e-commerce agency, in layman’s terms, while docking merchants, while docking anchors. The docking merchants are generally the flagship stores of traditional e-commerce, but I will also privately take some live work of the platform. Counting down, I took over a total of thousands of live.

We are considered careful, generally only to the flagship stores, authorized stores, dealer stores we directly filter, but even so, in 2020 “618”, we But even so, in the 2020 “618”, we were still pitted by a few veteran merchants. The result is that the goods shipped to us are genuine, and the businessman directly took the money and ran away, and I was blacked out by the anchor.

This is still a 4-year brand flagship store, paid over 100,000 deposit, such a store we will default qualification, no longer audit. I didn’t expect that the merchant would encounter problems with the capital chain at the beginning of 2020, to “618” after sending fake goods directly take the money and run away.

Many emerging live with the goods platform margin as long as a thousand to two thousand, merchants can do a vote on the run. This naturally leads to more counterfeit goods.

The way we judge counterfeit goods is simple and brutal. Directly from the store category to determine the probability of the product on the shelves, as long as it is not the official flagship store, all according to the treatment of counterfeit goods.

In my eyes, for example, Adidas, only the official flagship store of Adidas is genuine, the rest are fake. On a short video platform, there is only one such flagship store, and there are hundreds of specialty stores and authorized stores. We only recognize this flagship store.

Even if it is true Adidas shoes, as long as they are placed in the unofficial flagship store, some big anchors such as Luo Yonghao and Zhang Ting will not sell. The downstream dealers are too difficult to control, the so-called brand authorization, fidelity, 90% are not credible.

We know the situation is that the big international brands will be authorized in the country, but the authorized companies in the process of decentralization, the chain is too long difficult to ensure the authenticity of the fake too. For example, the real A company’s major shareholder opened another company B, B as a distributor of A, B and A sign a contract to ensure the supply of genuine products, but B real and fake mixed sales, meet the knowledge of the industry, said they have channels to get the right goods, do not know the industry said they have authorization. Even if something happens, B can run away, generally registered capital of 1 million, paid up 50,000. And B in the store before opening, often another legal representative.

In the live, the so-called brand authorization, agents will have no security. Not to mention that these can also be faked.

I docked an Adi seller, his selling price is only 3 to 5 percent off the authentic store, he told me directly that it is fake, in order to avoid being caught on the mix of selling, selective shipping. For example, first-tier cities send real goods, four or five-line cities send fake goods, two or three lines randomly sent.

Such businesses are often true dealers, there is a batch of real goods on hand, even if not, he will also go to the flagship store to buy some. If he sells 100 pieces, there may be 30 pieces of real goods on hand, and 70 pieces to Putian to get the goods.

Many small businesses know the same factory, who needs, directly from the source of goods, a constant stream of counterfeit goods. For example, a manufacturer has 30,000 inventory, while contacting 10 stores to go, sell 200 pieces, send away 200 pieces. Volume to 10,000 pieces, give 20% discount, 20,000 pieces will give 25% discount.

If you are found to return the goods, all do not return (or buy shipping insurance package back), more complaints on the run, many stores after a few months.

But in fact, the volume of complaints will not be as large as you think.

First of all, the fake is very real, in addition to prove that the fake needs to be identified, the difficulty of identification. For example, shoes, generally and genuine no two, and unofficial identification results are not officially recognized. Many emerging live platform for fake goods is also ambiguous, some live platform to charge 5% to 6% of the draw per single, return single more also means lost profits.

Take a step back and say, for example, sold 100 pieces of counterfeit goods. As long as it is not too big, that generally only 30 consumers to claim. Even if the compensation triple is fine, because of the high profits of counterfeit goods.

There are also many forms of counterfeit goods. We have encountered the old and new packaging randomly shipped, such as some anti-dandruff, whitening, anti-wrinkle products, the businessman gave us the packaging without adding illegal ingredients, but the goods sent to consumers, the packaging may be called the new packaging, the top is added illegal ingredients. This requires consumers to have eyesight, otherwise it is difficult to notice.

This is the same as sending fake goods is a reason, to the anchor to send the real goods, sent to the fake goods.

I do a thousand short video live, a third is you love me to sell fake goods

To be honest, we are not completely rejecting fake goods, but the business needs to first and we ventilate, in advance to say hello. In 2020, I did a thousand short video platform live, a third of them are like this, everyone willingly, just like some platforms directly sell cottage goods, users also buy the same.

In contrast, the head anchor is very concerned about reputation and fame, they have their own investment team, responsible for the selection of products, to ensure that the quality of the pass, they will not take the initiative to sell counterfeit, often by the business deception to sell counterfeit, which also includes second-hand intermediaries.

The frequency of the big anchor live with goods may reach thousands of products a day, the hands are too busy, so they will look for second-hand intermediary companies. These purse companies send ads in WeChat groups looking for pins. Second-hand intermediaries have to review the brand first, but in order to get the intermediary fee, second-hand intermediaries will also cooperate with the brand side to forge and quote, such as doing the customs report card, PS red seal.

The hardest hit area is the authorization letter of international brands, including skin care products and clothing. Like Veya this Supreme incident, afterwards everyone knows that Supreme has no co-branding, but how did she judge it beforehand? Send a letter to foreign countries? And not necessarily someone back. Moreover, this is recommended by the platform, the flagship store of the traditional e-commerce platform means no audit.

These head big anchors need to close their own seams in order to not let businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of. For example, you let me 2 million to buy Li Jiaqi a live pit, how many I want how many, my downstream customers are willing to buy a lot of orders, out of 2 million can sell three to five million, even if only 2 million is sold to inventory. Veya, Li Jiaqi’s selection is very strict, there are many qualifications have to let the intermediary help to complete, or to play the point.

In addition to the head anchor, the general anchor is not so sensitive to counterfeit goods, they do not have the ability to audit counterfeit goods. Even if they sell counterfeit goods, they won’t be noticed by the public, they won’t care. Even if you distinguish it, the pit fee is in front of you, this money to earn or not to earn?

In fact, people who can bring counterfeit goods are sometimes more sought after by merchants. The merchants will think, the anchor even dare to sell fake goods, but also sold well, then I still do not rush to seek cooperation. The fans have a rebellious mentality: who scolded my idol, I will be biased to buy.

The rhythm of the live broadcast with goods is too fast, the head anchor with so many products a day, even if there are dozens of people’s qualification audit team, but also too busy.

Many times, people only look at the flagship products of mature platforms. These mature platforms require the payment of a high margin, once found counterfeit will be deducted, deducted points, the cost of counterfeiting is too high for businesses, such platforms less fake goods, flagship stores can do 90% authentic.

The new platform is relatively more chaotic, of course, the platform also wants to sell real goods, to encourage large brands to do small stores to enter. But the threshold for entry is low, and the cost of selling counterfeits is low for businesses.

(Liu Mei and Xu Bo are pseudonyms in the article)