The “Queen’s High-end Confucian Business” Community

You heard it right, I am the second marriage with a 13-year-old daughter, married to a husband younger than me 8 years old, the more irritating is that he is also an unmarried rich generation, height of one meter eight, born in a family of books, chess and calligraphy are all proficient ……

Is not envious?

Recently, in the jitterbug, fast hand, small red book and other APP, circulating such “inspirational “story: a according to the popular view in the “marriage market The main female character, who was unfavorable in the “marriage market” according to the popular belief, married an unmarried rich generation like a fish leaping from the dragon gate, and more What’s more, the rich man not only has money and face, but also is well educated, gentle and understanding. The perfect man who is gentle and understanding.

However, sharp-eyed netizens have found that there is more than one second marriage with a child married to a rich and handsome man on these online platforms. Some of these women are outstanding looking, well dressed, sitting in luxury cars, and some look more ordinary, but they all have the same experience: not only are they second marriages with children, the height and age of the rich man are the same, and some even have the same story narrative.

Are they married to the same “husband “?

The reporter found that these self-proclaimed proficient in human nature female bloggers are actually course female lecturers, they are not only the same teacher, there is a special community in training. The company’s main goal is to provide the public with the best possible information about the company’s products and services. The “leeks”.

The text, the words, the makeup, the environment are all the same

In one of the videos, the reporter saw a female lecturer wearing delicate but somewhat tacky makeup and a crystal crown, talking somewhat stiffly on camera about her second marriage experience.

Some other lecturers have occasional minor differences in age or height, but the storyline and character settings are basically the same, and their husbands in second marriages are all high achievers who graduated from a well-known university in Beijing and are a bridge engineer working for a central enterprise.

In addition to the similarities in the text, some female lecturers’ makeup and words are also the same. For example, they are recording “teaching videos When they record “teaching videos”, they have inlay flowers between their eyebrows; the background furnishings are also mostly large bookshelves full of books, or richly decorated parlors.

The reporter currently found similar female lecturers on the Internet have two numbers.

In addition to the “same husband” series, the same video is also available in the Jitterbug, Racer, Little Red Book and other APPs. “series, there are many similar videos, such as “three words to make men spend 180,000 for me ” “will spend the man’s money women will be happy “” How I let my husband of 22 years together spoil me into a little princess”, etc., many of which are marked with Many of them are marked with the topic “Queen Confucian Business Training Camp”.

In the video version of “Three Words That Made Men Spend 180,000 for Me In the video version, the female lecturers said that when she had dinner with a man, not only did he spend 158,600 yuan to pay for her, but also transferred her a red packet of 18,800 yuan. And the secret is three words.

“Give you a chance to compliment me. “

“Do you know when you are the most handsome? “

“Come on, you give me a lobster, reward me for eating with the world’s most handsome boy today. “

In this regard, some netizens derided: three words, do not move, robbery, 180,000; and ridicule: too fake, after all, WeChat red envelopes can only send 200, tens of thousands of red envelopes have not heard of ……

2499 yuan into the primary group can learn a year

“As long as the beautiful bosses, rich wives, respectful teachers “

But the lecturers do not seem to be moved in the slightest. Usually finished “personal experience “, then with one or two allusions, and finally to the audience throws “olive branch “: “Want to be successful like me? Come to my live room tonight and teach you to be a dominant queen. “

But in the live broadcast, the lecturers also did not specifically tell the audience “success secrets “, only that the live conditions are limited, can not say much, the effect is not good, if you want to learn well, into the group to let the special teacher teach.

The reporter saw that the “Queen Queen Confucian Business Training Camp “The study courses include, how to run a good family, how to deal with the relationship between husband and wife in-laws, how to educate the next generation of excellence, comprehend the essence of Confucian culture.

But not anyone can enter the camp, they put forward their own threshold for this, “as long as the beautiful bosses, rich wives, grateful and pious respect for teachers and people “. To enter the Queen Boot Camp to be your own queen, you need to pay 2499 yuan; to enter the “Queen Community “to learn to be an ace lecturer, it is necessary to pay 9999 yuan.

On June 10, the reporter added on the female lecturer of the training camp Yang Mou, told the other party that they want to enter the community for learning. Yang said they are currently divided into primary group and high-end group, primary group of entry fees for 2499 yuan, you can enter the group to learn a year, there are some entrepreneurs identity lecturers to give lectures, unlimited number of times to listen to lectures and time, you can always speak in the group to ask questions; high-end group is not only higher fees, but also need to provide their own business license or proof of property and other information.

“We don’t have trial classes, and we don’t refund fees. But as long as you do not talk nonsense or make mistakes in the group for a year, you can always stay in the group. “Yang told reporters that in “The Queen Queen Confucian Business Training Camp” primary group, can improve the wisdom of female members, as well as the handling of interpersonal relationships, members only need to sign a The voluntary application for membership and payment of 2,499 yuan, you can hear the lecturers’ quality courses on WeChat according to your cell phone number and the relevant health code.

According to the “Application for Voluntary Membership” sent by Yang, those who want to join the group need to provide not only their real name, ID number, company name and position, but also a copy of their ID, a copy of their business license or proof of assets (cash certificate, real estate certificate), etc. In this regard, Yang said that the application must be filled out by hand and stamped with their own lipstick before each person enters the group, “into the primary group of people can not provide business licenses and proof of assets, but need to show the next Alipay On the sesame credit points, we are also to the students are related to the audit. “

In the first 10 sections of the course catalog sent by Yang, the reporter saw that the content of each section of the course is different, but the overall involves gender relations and women’s workplace two directions.

In Yang’s circle of friends, the reporter noticed that there are many women who paid to enter the group because of the poor handling of gender relations. They said they had low self-esteem before entering the group and relied on their husbands for everything, but after entering the group, they were not afraid to encounter difficulties because they had the team in place. One student said she was grateful to all the teachers in the team.

However, there are also netizens who say that some students want to quit the community and get back the money they paid to join the group, “These female lecturers boast of high emotional intelligence and successful experience, but in reality they are full of loopholes and defy common sense, they appear to be teaching women how to maintain emotional relationships. The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. “

Claims to “bring out a million female instructors “

Doubtful personal information

According to the personal video account information of the above female lecturers, they are all members of the “Queen’s high-end Confucian business community They claim to be dedicated to spreading Confucian business culture, helping some female bosses and entrepreneurs to get rid of their emotional problems. “Be a wise queen with brains and high emotional intelligence. “

Among them, the shake voice user “painting brother ” introduced himself as “Queen Queen high-end Confucian business community “founder, has three years of lecturer leading experience, brought out thousands of lecturers, professional with female entrepreneurs boss to do dominant lecturers, aspiring to bring out millions of female lecturers.

June 11, the reporter in view of “painting brother “The reporter found that she has 922,000 fans and has received 618,000 likes, but there are only 14 related video works, with less than a thousand likes.

“They have deleted all their related works. “According to informed netizens, as “Three words made a man spend 180,000 for me” and The video “second marriage with children” was mocked. “Painting brother” and other female lecturers every day by netizens The previous works were basically deleted or hidden.

The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the video. The reporter saw on a promotional chart called “Chen Changwen Boss Community Course Schedule”, “Painting Brother In the “Chen Changwen boss community In the “Chen Changwen boss community” as a VIP lecturer, the main traditional business transformation, Confucianism and other directions, the course fee of its lectures for 9,999 yuan. And Brother Painting also claims to be a Weibo million V blogger (@Drawing Brother), the honorary president of Hong Kong Will Image Consultant Shenzhen, the head of BEGIVER Shenzhen Entrepreneur Interview, the founder of Taiwan’s U2 Restaurant Shenzhen chain brand, and a member of Shanghai Good Words Chinese Confucian Business Club.

Lecturer “Mr. Hui “In his own ShakeYin profile, he said he had served as the executive director of a division of an economic and trade association in Taiwan, with 16 years of entity and 3 years of online business. According to the personal microblog “According to the pictures of related activities previously posted on her personal microblog, she was also a senior group lecturer in the “Chen Changwen Boss Community She is also a senior group lecturer in the “Chen Changwen boss community”, lecturing on Buddhist marketing and automatic turnover, and her course fee is 6999 yuan, and she is also the president of a branch of the Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprises Alliance and the founder of a business service company.

According to the above information, “painting brother ” and “Hui total were both lecturers in the “Chen Changwen Boss Community The above information shows that both “Brother Painting” and “General Hui” were once lecturers in the “Chen Changwen Boss Community”, but later left the community for other reasons and started another business.

However, when the reporter actually searched, he found that there was no information about a chapter of the Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprises Alliance introduced online, and there was no person related to his real name among the legal person and executives of the business service company. And “Brother Paint In the introduction of the title of “Brother Paint”, no information about his company or position was found. And @painted brother this microblogging number is also not certified as an official account of the lecturer, but is labeled as a face value blogger.

The reporter private letter through the shake “painting brother “The other party replied on June 12 that the above incident had nothing to do with her, and that the person who released the video in question was only studying with her, “There is an agreement between us , people use what content I have no right to interfere. “But for the authenticity of this story, the other party did not respond.

At the same time, the reporter according to the relevant WeChat public number to try to add “Hui total “personal WeChat, but was refused by the other side to only accept female entrepreneurs, female bosses.

And Chen Changwen is the legal representative of Shanghai Good Word Culture Communication Co. Shanghai Good Words Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established on January 22, 2017, with a registered capital of 10 million RMB. The company’s business scope is cultural and artistic exchange activities planning, entertainment consulting, marketing planning, advertising, e-commerce (shall not engage in financial business), and various etiquette, exhibition, public relations activities planning, corporate image planning, etc.

According to the official website of Chen Changwen boss community, the community is a timely exchange community for entrepreneurs bosses, which claims that the team spreads the national essence of Confucianism + Chen Changwen method entrepreneurial system online for bosses according to the Internet platform. Help traditional enterprises and Internet business owners from all over the country and all walks of life to use the new self-media business thinking model to transform successfully.

The community staff told reporters that if you want to enter the community, you need to pay a threshold fee of 9,999 yuan. But the staff denied that “Queen Queen Confucian business training camp The founder of “Queen Confucian Business Boot Camp”, “Brother Paint “and its team is the community personnel, “and we have nothing to do with. “

Opinion: to money for the purpose of marriage, it is difficult to last

Reporters noted that such so-called training is not the first time, before the so-called “Love Academy “openly advertise the training of” vixen “, the main “guide men to invest “, “to attract high-value men”, its bad values were widely questioned by netizens, and triggered the relevant regulatory departments, platform concerns, intervention.

Marriage psychologist Zhang Yinling believes that the deep-seated reason for this phenomenon is the influence of impatience, altruism and egoistic thinking of some people in the current society. Love is about matching and balance, if two people in the economic and social status and the level of thought is not matched, will lay a deep hidden danger for the future of love. She pointed out that love is based on love, if there is no love, just to climb up the social ladder, or to get money for the relationship, without the foundation of love, it is difficult to last.

What’s more, the method of deception to obtain love is also very difficult to last, women to improve personal cultivation, have perfect character, as well as improve their ability to love is the most important. These are the most fundamental can last attraction, can make women’s happiness more secure.