Chinese diplomat shows off his limits: releases middle finger photo, analyzes allegedly crude war wolf rhetoric in order to promote

Chinese diplomat Zhang Heqing tweeted a picture of his “middle finger” and claimed the title of “war wolf”, echoing the “positive image of war wolf” of Chinese ambassador to France Lu Shano earlier. The former Chinese diplomat said that Zhang and Qing followed Zhao Lijian’s crude “war wolf” remark in an attempt to get promoted. Commentators believe that Xi Jinping, the Communist Party’s general secretary, is using war-wolf diplomacy to counter the global hunt for blame for the epidemic.

On Thursday (June 24), Zhang Heqing, cultural counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, tweeted on his Twitter account a picture of a vulgar and insulting “middle finger”. The text in the picture reads: “To our friends, we are trustworthy, lovable and respectable. We are “war wolves” when it comes to our enemies. It seems to echo the latest “war wolf” statement made by Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shanno a few days ago.

In an interview with Chinese media “Observer” and French newspaper “l’Opinion” on the 16th and 17th of this month, Lu Shayo said that Chinese diplomats are “only defending their own interests when they adopt a belligerent attitude, and that they are honored to be given the title of “battle wolves. “Lushano also said that “the war wolf represents a positive image and is a manifestation of strength and courage”.

As in the case of Lu’s earlier remarks, which sparked public outcry, some netizens posted a photo of Chinese defiant artist Ai Weiwei giving the middle finger in front of Tiananmen Square in Beijing earlier in the day, and netizen Rafael said that Chinese diplomats publicly claimed the title of War Wolf, which is a new paradigm of swearing allegiance to the authorities in the centennial of the Communist Party. The paradigm.

Chen Yulin, a former political consul at the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney, told the station that in the early years, Chinese diplomats were able to observe diplomatic etiquette, even though the core of their duties was to protect the image of the Communist Party. But during the Xi Jinping era, Zhao Lijian, who was in Pakistan, was rewarded with a promotion for his war-wolf comments with former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Zhang Heqing is expected to emulate this path to the top.

Chen Weilin said: Xi Jinping’s era is all out, and his rude and aggressive war-wolf diplomacy started with Zhao Lijian, who was not punished for his war-wolf posture, but encouraged instead. Other low-quality diplomats rose up to follow suit, vying for allegiance to the Party and Xi Jinping, and whatever the Party fed them, they made a show in line with the Party’s will; the Red Guard style has come out.

According to Chen, Xi Jinping has been reveling in the “victory” of his “war wolf diplomacy”, but he has already angered the free world.

The free world will definitely resist and will not give in, and will only escalate the confrontation step by step in the end,” Chen said.

Feng Chongyi, a political scientist at the University of Technology Sydney, said in an interview with the station that special attention should be paid to the fact that China’s war-wolf diplomacy erupted in the wake of the new epidemic, and that Xi Jinping is confronting international voices of accountability in this way.

Feng Chongyi said: Xi Jinping knows very well that they have committed a big crime in the “Wuhan virus”, and he is worried that if he gives in, he will give others a chance to pursue the blame. He is now determined to block all the accusations back, Xi Jinping wants to amplify his voice in the international arena to scare other countries, foreign officials know Xi Jinping good mouth, for their promotion, the top has a good, the bottom will be even more.

Tao, a Youtuber who currently lives in the United States, also mocked non-famous diplomats such as Zhang and Qing for trying to win the appreciation of their superiors through their outstanding remarks, but his “friends and enemies theory” hit the authorities in the face.

Tao said: This time, the war wolf diplomacy was in Pakistan, and the last Chinese diplomat named Li Yang was in Brazil. They are not very famous themselves, so they must make a big news by more extreme, dirty and nasty methods, which may get them promoted in the future. What are the enemies of being a Chinese Communist? Almost all modern civilized and democratic countries in this world are the enemies of the CCP, all of them are the frequent targets of Chinese war wolf diplomats, fifty cents and pinkies, and those so-called friends are the trashiest countries, this is quite ironic.

China has intensified its war wolf diplomatic posture since the new crown virus spread around the world last year. Among them, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, spokeswoman Hua Chunying and Zhao Lijian, as well as Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Gui Congyou, Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye, Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shano and former Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming are representative figures.

On March 28 this year, Chinese Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, Li Yang, tweeted a picture of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling him an “American lapdog” and a “loser”. “Li Yang also engaged in a heated scolding war with netizens. The public opinion is that Chinese diplomacy has shifted from “war wolf” to “mad dog” diplomacy, until Zhang Heqing’s “middle finger” picture brushed the limits of Chinese diplomacy again.

Our correspondent called the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan several times, but was not connected. Before this article was written, Zhang Heqing had blocked the reporter’s Twitter account.