Red Party Celebration Can’t Solve CCP’s Gray and Dangerous Situation

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party’s media has entered into the countdown to the Party’s anniversary, with red headlines on the front pages of various websites, a large number of enterprises and students visiting red Party history memorials around the world, and red tourism being sold everywhere, and it is believed that Tiananmen Square in Beijing is being covered with more red. At a time of internal and external difficulties, the Communist Party’s top brass is trying to use a series of red celebrations to renew the party’s life and keep power for itself, but more red can no longer cover up the Communist Party’s gray and dangerous situation.

On June 24, Xinhua News Agency headlined an article titled “One Hundred Years of Journey, the First Heart Reflects the Rivers and Mountains,” which began by comparing the CPC to a “red boat” and unabashedly claiming to have “undergone the baptism of blood and fire” and “the test of life and death. “The Chinese Communist Party is bloodthirsty.

The Chinese Communist Party is bloodthirsty and therefore extremely crazy about the color red. The Chinese Communist virus has caused the death of more than 3.91 million people in the world, which is the latest blood debt owed by the Chinese Communist Party to the world. These 3.91 million people include only a tiny fraction of the number of people from Wuhan, Hubei, and China who died from the CCP virus, and once again the CCP is celebrating its 100 years of existence by stepping on the blood of its people.

When the Chinese Communist regime was thwarted in its quest for hegemony by the epidemic and was being isolated from the world, it falsely declared that “the mountain is the people and the people are the mountain”. The Communist Party’s self-proclaimed red “rivers and mountains” do not belong to the people at all, but only to a few powerful Communist Party officials. The Chinese Communist regime has used the title of “rivers and mountains”, which has been used for thousands of years in China’s imperial system, revealing that the leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have a hard time filling the grievances of their own sons, but unfortunately, the successive leaders of the CPC have always lacked the aura of divine right of kings, neither the Emperor’s seal nor a legitimate basis.

The CCP leaders do not dare to let their subordinates shout long live to themselves, but they keep encouraging everyone to call the red “rivers and mountains” long live. Don’t the secretaries of the CCP leaders know that no dynasty in Chinese history has ever been long live?

The Communist Party claims to be 100 years old, and at the 72nd year of the Red Dynasty, it has stumbled into a hurdle that it cannot overcome. Xinhua News Agency article unapologetically said, “we are now in a boat to the wandering more urgent, people to the halfway steeper, is a more difficult and more dangerous, but no progress is retreat, must go forward”, and said “to cross the rapids and dangerous, through the waves of terror “.

It is evident that the apparently lively party celebration cannot conceal the trepidation and uncertainty of the top echelon of the CPC. The Xinhua article reveals that the top echelon of the CCP simply does not know where the way out is, and no one within the CCP even knows. The Chinese Communist Party’s media has made high-profile claims of “a thousand years of greatness,” but even the Tang Dynasty, which was once a time of greatness in Chinese history, failed to last a thousand years.

Not only do the Chinese people see this, but the whole world sees it too. The world is no longer willing to listen to the lies of the CCP, and even the CCP officials should also be impatient, the opportunity to spend a lot of corrupt money is getting less and less, and defection will be “beheaded”, who is really willing to support the party celebration of the CCP?

A political show for the party celebration cannot stop the internal questioning of the CCP’s top decision-making mistakes, nor can it cover up the plight of tens of millions of college students and hundreds of millions of migrant workers who cannot find jobs, nor can it stop the international community from pursuing blame for the epidemic. No matter how big the red background of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square is, it cannot undo the CCP’s successive defeats.

The party celebrations deliberately and constantly promoted by the CCP have been a labor of love, while at the same time the wind is so fierce that it seems the people have become the enemy and countless people at the bottom are harassed and persecuted. This once again reminds the world that the CCP regime does not represent China, nor does it represent the Chinese people. The fact that the CCP claims to be the people, but is bent on cheering for the few powerful people who still hog power, highlights the fact that the CCP regime is still plagued by the problem of legitimacy, and the CCP leaders are still worried whether they will become the antagonists in history textbooks.

The CCP’s 100-year red party celebration is not only a difficult solution to a gray and perilous situation, but also a major failure to reveal its own ugliness. The CCP’s so-called party history is a history of bloody persecution of the Chinese people and harm to the world. The CCP’s party celebration should make the Chinese people and other peoples understand more clearly that if the red scourge is not removed, it will still bring a price in blood; if the CCP has no more chance to hold party celebrations, the world can only be peaceful!