Anti-Universalist World Rights: The Latest Chinese Communist Party White Paper Reveals Itself

On June 24, the Chinese Communist Party published its latest white paper on human rights, claiming that it “has created a great miracle of respecting and protecting human rights and written a new chapter of human rights civilization. This is an insulting joke to the intelligence of Chinese and foreign readers, because at this time, Hong Kong is under a dark cloud and Beijing is in a state of panic. A hundred years after the founding of the Party, the CCP has torn up one promise after another, depriving generations of citizens of their rights to freedom of speech and belief, among others. This is a disgrace to China.

The CCP’s “human rights” feature is only to protect the party

The CCP’s white paper claims that “the CCP has successfully developed a socialist human rights development path with Chinese characteristics by adhering to the supremacy of the people and combining the universal principles of human rights with China’s reality.

The truth is: 72 years of tyranny took the lives of more than 80 million Chinese people, and the Great Famine alone killed at least 30 million people by starvation. The so-called “socialist road of human rights development with Chinese characteristics” is premised on maintaining the Party’s rule and is an excuse for the CCP to justify its consistent violation of universal human rights. The so-called “people first” is an outright lie.

On June 24, the People’s Daily, a party media outlet, used the mouth of an imperial scholar to promote the characteristics of “socialist human rights in China,” but exposed its own cards.

Lu Guangjin, secretary-general of the China Society for Human Rights Studies and a professor at Jilin University Law School, said, “We must adhere to the Party’s leadership without wavering, adhere to the socialist system without wavering, adhere to the respect and protection of human rights without wavering, and promote development in a coordinated manner.”

The first two “insist” and the third “insist” are contradictory and contradictory, because the Communist Party is anti-humanity, party-oriented and advocates struggle. Therefore, it is impossible to truly respect and protect human rights if we insist on the Party’s leadership and the socialist system. The history of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule is a history of killing and destroying humanity. Under the CCP’s rule, several generations of Chinese people have not been able to enjoy universal human rights because of the first two “insistences”.

Lu Guangjin also said, “When talking about human rights, we emphasize the principle of universality of human rights. At the same time, we oppose the universal view of human rights.”

The universal view of human rights holds that human rights are linked to morality, are inalienable, and should not depend on the edicts of a certain society or the laws of a certain country. Many Western democracies, such as the United States, promote and follow such a view of human rights. The Chinese Communist Party, however, is clearly opposed to it.

The CCP argues that “it cannot simply copy and paste from the national situation”, but, frankly, it believes that it alone is qualified to define “human rights” and that it alone has the right to decide who and when they are entitled to what rights. Anyone who criticizes human rights in China is vilified by the CCP as “interfering in the internal affairs”, “talking out of turn”, “inciting subversion of power”, and so on.

On the other hand, acts of repression and persecution that occur along this “human rights road” with Chinese Communist characteristics are interpreted by the CCP as reasonable, necessary, and required by national conditions. Therefore, the CCP is using “socialist characteristics” to cover up its human rights violations.

Just take “family planning” as an example. This “national policy” violates the laws of science, seriously infringes on the reproductive rights of citizens, kills hundreds of millions of babies, and causes physical and mental destruction to a large number of women, which is shocking to the world. However, the CCP has been promoting “birth control” for more than 30 years, and now that the demographic structure is out of balance, it still insists on its mistakes and does not dare to deny the past in any way. In addition, the CCP has announced the opening up of the “two-child” and “three-child” policies, showing once again the absurdity and inhumanity of the Party’s control over birth control.

In Hong Kong, for example, over the past two years, the Chinese Communist Party has suppressed the “anti-China” movement, suppressed the pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, and forced the suspension of the Apple Daily, which has violated the rights of Hong Kong people to speech, election, demonstration and assembly, press and publication. All these acts of the Chinese Communist Party were done under the pretext of “endangering national security”, but after the infringement, it claimed that it was upholding “one country, two systems”, and was supported by all sectors in Hong Kong. In other words, when the CCP violates human rights, it always has a grand excuse, a lie to start with, and then reverses right and wrong, twisting the crime into a “merit” of the Party and slapping it on the back. This is the CCP’s way of “developing” human rights.

The Chinese Communist Party relies on human rights violations to develop its evil power

According to the party media, “The Chinese Communist Party was born for the cause of human rights, and has grown and developed because of the cause of human rights.”

The facts show that the CCP relies on human rights violations to consolidate its rule, expand its power, and gradually expand outward.

At the beginning of its rule, the CCP deprived peasants of their land ownership, then robbed national capitalists, and launched numerous purges, creating tens of millions of political “untouchables,” which were often accompanied by extreme violence and bloodshed. At the same time, the CCP prohibits people from freely believing or expressing their views, and especially does not tolerate anyone criticizing or questioning the Party.

While violating the rights of its citizens, the CCP monopolizes state-owned resources such as land and minerals and seizes material wealth created by the people, enriching the red power elite on the one hand and using huge sums of money to strengthen the repressive apparatus and consolidate tyranny in order to better extract profits on the other. In recent years, the CCP has repeatedly flaunted the country’s economic growth, attributing it to its “human rights achievements. In fact, the so-called “achievements” have come at the expense of trampling on the human rights of the Chinese people.

In addition, the CCP’s foreign infiltration and expansion in recent years, and its spreading of money to the outside world, seem to be based on the domestic labor force, creativity and consumer market. For the CCP, the people are “leeks” that can be harvested at any time, one crop after another. Therefore, the CCP wants to adhere to the “human rights path” with socialist characteristics. It knows that once universal human rights prevail, the CCP will lose all kinds of control, and it must return power to the people, return politics to the people, and the party will collapse in an instant.

What is the CCP’s contribution to human rights in the world?

The party media says that “building a community of human destiny” and “One Belt, One Road” have “contributed to advancing the cause of human rights in the world,” but it cannot say so because it There are many examples of the lack of good things, but there are many examples of the face.

Recently, the “Belt and Road” has been blocked in many regions, as previous experience shows that some countries have been forced to compromise and show weakness to the Chinese Communist Party because they are in debt crisis due to cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party, and the expansion ambition of the Chinese Communist Party has caused more and more countries to be alert.

The most tragic example of the “community of human destiny” is the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020. The virus originated in Wuhan, and the Chinese authorities concealed information and manipulated the WHO, resulting in a pandemic that delayed the prevention of the epidemic in many countries and caused severe global illness and death, and hit the economy so hard that it is still difficult to recover. What is even more bizarre is that the Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly shrugged off the blame, trying to avoid accountability. I wonder what “community of destiny” means.

Moreover, the CCP’s “partners” and “comrades” over the decades have been political parties with their own human rights problems, such as North Korea, Cuba, and some regimes in Africa. The CCP is in cahoots with them, playing hooligans in the international arena, resisting universal human rights and outside condemnation.

The above facts prove that the existence of the Chinese Communist Party seriously endangers the health, security (i.e., the right to live) and other freedom rights of people in all countries.

Why did the Chinese Communist Party throw out a white paper of lies?

The Chinese Communist Party boasts of its human rights achievements in order to celebrate its 100th anniversary and to deceive the domestic public in an attempt to maintain this path of the Party’s violation of human rights in order to survive. The third reason is that in recent years, the CCP’s abuses in places like Xinjiang and Hong Kong have attracted unanimous and strong condemnation from the international community. This, coupled with the retrospective nature of the epidemic and the pursuit of responsibility, has added to the CCP’s passivity and isolation. The Chinese Communist Party is repeating the same old trick, thinking it can get by with a bigger lie. The world knows that the CCP is lying, and the CCP knows that what it publishes is false, but it continues to lie, and this evil has already broken the bottom line. The international community should not treat the CCP as a normal political party and deal with it, otherwise it will invite more trouble.