How many years does it take to speak Chinese properly in your country?

There is something I can’t say.

As you know, I like to make a new word to create a new word.
But the last few years.
I’m getting more and more confused by a Chinese character.

For a while, these endlessly dazzling net-commercial words, so I am a little confused, confused and puzzled.
How many years do you guys have to be sentenced to speak Chinese properly there?

For example, there is such a kind of word called “contraction”, which is a variety of pinyin abbreviation.
To name a few typical representatives: AWSL, YYDS, SSFD, MDZZ, NBCS.

Let’s look at them one by one.
Ah I’m dead (AWSL), this can understand has not been easy.
Forever God (YYDS), Thurston (SSFD), Shit retard (MDZZ), if these three you guessed right, proving that your IQ is not far from the nine-year compulsory junior high school students.
If you see at a glance, NBCS said nobody cares, then your IQ, basically can return to the city key kindergarten.

Magic or not magic? Bewitching or not?
The more magic is that when watching a certain talent show, the pop-ups have such a phrase: so-and-so has no JB.

How big a grudge how much ah, is the selection of a show only.
But I just changed how many poses, how many angles, but also failed to figure out, here the JB, not JB, but.

Just like how many times you roll your eyes, you will not guess, “WCNMLGB, CNM”, it means to say: I bought a bag last year, super wearable.
So, you see now this shrinkage, shrinkage is really six relatives do not recognize the righteousness of the family.

If so, “MM” you say is the mother, I think is the sister, “JJ” you say is the sister, I think is the uncle, “DD” you say is the father, I may think is the brother.
And every time I see yyds, it always feels like it’s saying.
Grandpa has to die.

By the way, there is a very famous literary text before, “the legacy of doubtful doctors” will not work even more.
I aunt exterminate, left behind billion of gold. I went to the eup, I want to cure the aunt of the disease, a doctor to cure I aunt.
The next day, the hundred million gold left behind, suspicious of the doctor, to discuss the doctor.
The doctor was suspicious and hanged himself to remove his suspicions. I leaned on a chair to remember, and I remembered that I was left with hundreds of millions of dollars to discuss with the doctor, and also hanged.
Well! Also different!
Translated, it is about the aunt who died and left behind billions of dollars of family wealth.
But according to the current method of shrinkage, the article will most likely go like this.

Another oddity in the Chinese language world is the mixture of Chinese and English.
Obviously a clear sentence can say things, he has to give you a few English embellishments.

For example, the simplest phrase, Erdog help me go downstairs to buy a cup of Starbucks ice American style.
To their mouths, it became: Mary ah, help me go downstairs buy a cup of Starbucks ice American.

You want to say, go to Zhang’s office to bring down his meeting documents.
In their mouths, it becomes: go to Tony’s office and ask him to borrow the docs to be used for the meeting later.

You want to say, call to ask when Yang will be home?
To their mouths, it is: you call Jessica to ask her when to be back home.

You want to say, you look to see what is going on?
To their mouths, it became: Baby you look look see see what is going on.

This I really want to say: World Heaven World Earth ah, said this word people, have to read the English txt how many k ah.

I brainstormed a bit, in their world, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” may be “3p Romance”, “Water Margin” is “108p”, “Journey to the West” is “see you remember”, “Dream of the Red Chamber” is more simple, called “hello 梦”.

The trend is not trendy, Fashion is not fashionable, and I decided to rework a version of “Apartment inscription” to let Chinese culture go to the whole world, please read aloud and recite the whole text.
A hill is not a high top, but a god is a name. a river is not a deep deep dep, but a long is a spirit. It is an apartment, but my de Xin. The moss marks on step green, grass color in curtain green. So can tune the piano and read the golden scriptures. No tiktok of chaotic ears, no deadline of labor shape. South sun Zhuge hut, west Shu son cloud pavilion.
Confucius cue: hello of there?

There is another kind, inexplicable “XX son”.
For example: absolute absolute son, no language son, lonely son ……

Some people may not understand, to explain to the majority of users, they are not people, and not God.
Absolute absolute son is absolute, speechless son is speechless, lonely son is lonely.
In other words, everything can be used “up” place, all with “sub”, also have to use superlatives to put together three words.

I tell you, that is, Su Shi and they were not born in modern times, otherwise we will learn Song lyrics much less difficult.
Because his words are likely to be forced to write: think of Yu Yu Zi back in the day, Qiao Qiao Zi first married son.

Some people may say, “Where is the difficulty reduced? Obviously, it’s more convoluted!
But this kind of Zhang Zongchang can not write things, it is impossible to pass down, no more natural will not be difficult to learn.
Of course, Su Shi is more likely to see his words changed into this way and die of anger.

And a group of fans will go to his microblogging nostalgia: a mouthful of “Shi Shi Zi” “Po Po Zi”, trying to bring him back to life and then salvage a little.

In this regard, the romantic poet Bai Bai Zi’s “Shu Dao Difficult” has suffered more: “Jie Jie Zi, dangerously high”.
Jie Jie Zi, dangerous to Gao Gao Zi! Shu Dao Difficult Son, more difficult than the son of heaven!
Well, with a “heavenly son”, Li Bai may not live to see the snowfall of 2002.

And the “Seeing each other with joy” of Yu Yu, the lord of the Tang Dynasty, will be endless, and he will probably be like this.
Speechless son alone on the west tower, the moon hooks son. Lonely son, deep in the courtyard of the wutong tree, locked in autumn.
The first time I saw you, I was in the middle of the night. It’s not the usual taste, it’s the absolute taste.

Originally, “Zi” is a good word, it can be very respectful, such as we say Confucius Laozi Mencius, can also be very elegant, such as the cassia seeds Cang Er Zi lotus seeds.
But now the “xx son”, let me feel like a fool.
Especially when someone says absolute absolute son, always let me have a kind of broken son son absolute grandson feeling.
It is not elegant, nor respectful, stacked words words disgusting heart, embarrassment so that people can use their toes to pick out three rooms sub two hall sub.

So to be honest, quite disgusted by these net words.
YYDS, AWSL, absolute absolute sub, but anyone who has some aesthetic requirements for themselves, do not use these bad words.

The more trendy you are, the more earthy you are.
The more net red you are, the more vulgar you are.
The more you say Jedi Jedi son, what you see and hear later, will only be a Jedi Jedi son.

The more you say these words, people will only become more and more deprived.

You see a good-looking, you can not think of bright-eyed, beautiful eyes like silk, you will only: Jie Jiezi.
You do not want to talk about the inner turmoil, you will not say that there are no words but a thousand lines of tears, you will only: no words son.
You can’t be sad, you won’t even think about the mountains are difficult to cross, who sadly lost the way of people? The people who meet each other are all visitors from other countries, you will only say: AWSL.

I’m sorry.
Feel the old ancestors of the coffin board can not be pressed