The family of a black foreign teacher in Ningbo who raped and killed a girl was suppressed by Hu Xijin’s comments

A black foreign teacher at Ningbo Engineering College recently brutally murdered a 23-year-old female student at the college after her courtship was rejected. The incident continues to ferment, and many mainlanders have sent video messages of solidarity, while the Maoist left has also been complaining about the authorities. The Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece Hu Xijin added fuel to the fire by suppressing public opinion and elevating the case to the level of the Communist Party’s political security.

On June 18, the Chinese Communist Party Yinzhou police reported that at around 22:00 on June 14, a murder occurred in the woods near Century Avenue on Tongtu Road in Yinzhou District, and a woman was killed. Local police arrested a foreign male suspect in the early hours of the following day. After legal investigation, the suspect confessed to the murder due to “emotional disputes”.

The family of the deceased and those in the know disclosed more information, the deceased is a 23-year-old junior female student of Ningbo Engineering College, a native of Cangzhou, Hebei Province. The suspect is Shadeed, a black American foreign teacher at the school, who has been teaching English at Ningbo Engineering College’s School of International Exchange since 2016.

The family said they received a call from the police early on the morning of June 15 that “something happened to the child” and immediately rushed from Cangzhou. “Interpol took us to see (the remains), then see also almost fainted, my girl face knife dozens of knives, the neck aorta has a knife very deep very deep, the neck below the interpol did not let me see.”

The parents of the deceased said that their daughter’s quiet personality, excellent grades, year after year to get a scholarship. They want to go back to school afterwards to look at their daughter’s things and ask some of their classmates, but the school authorities to “bad influence” to stop, and said the child is outside what happened. Until June 18, the parents of the deceased with their daughter’s posthumous photo in front of the school to discuss the story, the incident did not attract attention through the network.

According to a video uploaded on June 20, the parents of the deceased were surrounded by school security and police officers while they were at the entrance of the school with their daughter’s posthumous photo, after which the school and police teamed up to snatch the deceased’s posthumous photo from the family’s hands.

It is suspected that the family of the deceased in social media published an open letter saying, “We said to the school gate to discuss a statement, the police station said so to be arrested, said it is a mob disturbance, we turned to the media also no one to help.”

As the incident continues to ferment, Ningbo Yinzhou Public Security Bureau on the 19th again issued a notice that the “6-14” foreign-related criminal cases, the tools of crime and related items have been found, the Bureau will ensure that the case into an iron case.

In addition, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media “Global Times” editor-in-chief Hu Xijin recently said in a microblogging article on the case, “foreigners in China crimes have occurred from time to time in the past, the foreign identity can not become the protection of those criminals to escape punishment”.

However, Hu added, “Any kind of foreigner can commit a crime in China, and public opinion should avoid focusing on the nationality and color of the suspect in the first place, as this may cause a backlash in international public opinion.

A netizen choked Hu Xijin and said: “Good international public opinion, they are not surprised by the black people forcibly jumping the queue in Qingdao, they are not surprised by biting the nurse’s face in Guangzhou, they are not surprised by the wanton interference with Chinese law enforcement officers in Guangzhou, they are not surprised by the attempted rape of female teachers in front of children in Chinese classrooms, they are not surprised by the rape and murder of female students in Ningbo! They were not surprised when the skin color of the criminals was slightly mentioned in the comments of netizens.”

There is also public opinion analysis, in Hu Xijin and the police, “American nationality”, “black foreign teachers” seems to have become a taboo in public opinion. Hu’s comments seem to suggest that the current tensions between China and the United States are such that the Chinese authorities are afraid that they will be caught by the U.S. side to increase sanctions.

The Maoist left has also been complaining about the “super national treatment” of foreign teachers. In a recent article on a leftist website, Maoist representative Zhang Hongliang accused the authorities of “turning students into sex slaves and schools into brothels. According to the article, “schools assign girls to foreign teachers and foreign students as various ‘study partners’ like female slaves. No matter how healthy and justified the school’s original intention is, in the eyes of those foreign teachers and international students, these ‘study companions’ are like free goods in the supermarket, completely gifted to them by the school for consumption.”

According to the informants, Ningbo Engineering College recruited a large number of African students and adopted a preferential treatment policy, which led to foreign students getting into trouble.

Students at the school disclosed online that the foreign teacher, who was morally corrupt and was transferred from one college to another after being complained about by students for several terms, was the only black foreign teacher.