Don’t wet the bed a bubble at dawn

The phrase “wetting the bed at dawn” has recently become a buzzword on the Chinese Internet. This is a comment made by the wife of Chinese philosopher Feng Youlan about her husband’s late death, and it has become a hot topic again because of the famous history scholar Ge Jianxiong’s comment that “history is about maintaining the legitimacy of contemporary politics and regimes”, which has also triggered a debate on whether scholars should “do academic research on their knees”. The debate over whether or not scholars should “kneel down to conduct academic research”. In ancient and modern times, there are many scholars and celebrities who, in the face of power, still pee in bed at dawn, and there are many who stick to their conscience.

Public opinion circles ridiculed famous scholars for flattering the authorities

The company has been a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and is known as “Ge Daqiang” for his outspokenness. Recently released footage shows that he emphasized in a lecture earlier this year that “the history spoken by any country, political party or group is to strengthen its political legitimacy and is not to be questioned, let alone denied”, and that Xi Jinping has repeatedly and harshly criticized historical nihilism “because history upholds the Xi Jinping repeatedly and harshly criticized historical nihilism “because history upholds the political legitimacy of the Communist Party”. He even said, “Our history is to maintain the political legitimacy of the Communist Party of China.” These remarks were hotly debated on the occasion of the centennial of the CCP’s founding, and many in public opinion circles ridiculed him for fawning over the authorities, while others quoted the irony of “wetting the bed at dawn.

Feng Youlan, who was trolled by his wife, has a high status in Chinese philosophy. There is a saying in Chinese philosophy that there is one and a half philosophers in China in the past hundred years, one is Feng Youlan and the other is Hu Shi. At the end of the Cultural Revolution, Feng Youlan joined the writing team of the Gang of Four and published 25 poems in the Guangming Daily, including “Zetian dared to be the emperor, the one woman in China for ages”, which was accused of pandering to Jiang Qing. The Gang of Four soon collapsed. The commentary of Feng’s wife vividly reflected Feng Youlan’s embarrassment and was once widely circulated.

The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Instead of wetting his bed at dawn, he hanged himself in the Summer Palace promenade.

Tortured by conscience, don’t make fun of history

In the face of power, intellectuals and celebrities alike are bound to be divided and make different choices. During the Nazi regime in Germany, the famous philosophers Jaspers and Heidegger chose different paths. The former was always unyielding and uncooperative, often even carrying with him poison pills for suicide, and was called “the conscience of the Dark Ages”; the latter led 960 professors to pledge their support to Hitler and allegiance to the Nazi regime, and was called “a spectacle of soul-selling that brought disgrace to the glorious history of German academia. The latter led 960 professors to pledge support for Hitler and allegiance to the Nazi regime, which was described as “a spectacle of selling out the souls of German academics, which brought disgrace to their glorious history.

When commenting on the differences between Jaspers and Heidegger, netizen “Nine Minutes” pointed out: “The reason why Germany fell into the abyss step by step is not that no one discovered the evil of the Nazis, but that everyone chose to live when the Nazi evil was obvious, and then went step by step to the ‘man is not like man’.” Jaspers hit the nail on the head when he said, “What you think is meticulous is actually an accomplice to evil.”

Both the Cultural Revolution period in China and the Nazi period of power in Germany were dark times in the history of human civilization. However, there is a time when the darkness will pass and humanity will eventually return to civilization. Therefore, whether intellectuals, media workers, or political figures, tycoons, in such times, should be subjected to the torture of wisdom and conscience, do not pee in bed at dawn, laughing at history.