Decent people are so good at bullying

This morning I saw a hot spot, saying that the old actor Zhang Chenguang cried in the live room. Some surprised, because I grew up watching his play, roughly know that he is a low-key feelings introverted old-school people. So point in and look at it.

The result is that the nose is about to give a crooked. It turns out that there are netizens in the live room questioning why he does not go to the shooting, why he wants to bring goods, saying that he is late ……

I just said that now this kind of people how so many ah. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not only in the market, but also in the marketplace.

Some time ago there was also a news, Hua Shi University’s Professor Dai Jianye, because his wife had cancer, a box of anti-cancer drugs to fifty thousand. The old couple can only afford to buy a box of drugs after adding up their salaries for several months.

Professor Dai then published a book, gave a lecture on TV, and gave a class on poetry, which was an instant hit.

Then during his lecture, some people questioned him: we admit that your course is very good, but you go around like this for money, do you have the bones and style of a literary scholar? As an intellectual, you should know how to “do something and not to do something”, right?

Then the old professor also and Zhang Chenguang, although not to cry, but greatly stimulated.

Zhang Chenguang is sixty-six years old, and the old professor is over seventy years old. So today, I can’t help but write this piece to this kind of people spit a few words.

In fact, I often encounter this situation in my backstage, after taking the ad, someone came up and accused me of degenerating, saying that I am negotiating bad money. Usually this kind of person I will go to click to see his record left in my background.

Ten times out of ten, they’ve been following me for years, but they haven’t replied to me or appreciated me over the years, and then the only time they replied to me was this one, accusing me of being corrupt.

What does this mean?

This shows that this kind of people simply do not take you seriously, let alone take you as a friend, he does not care if you live or die, do not care if you live a good life, whether the rent can be paid, the mortgage can not be paid, the elderly children to raise, the old have no money to see a doctor ……

These he does not care, he only cares about his own look happy not happy, you are not in line with his moral standards, you can not live one day, he changed his personal attention does not matter.

And really take you as a friend of the reader, there are a part of passionate friends even because you take advertising and happy for you.

There are also some although not like advertising (this is all very normal), but think about you must also have your difficulties, they will also treat you like a friend, do not think you are perfect, but very tolerant of you.

Because I am of this age and have been online for so many years and doing related work, I think about this issue very well.
This kind of moral kidnapping will not work for me, but like the older generation will be very disturbed.

The first time I was a kid, my idol, Zhang Chenguang was not good enough to play? Or is he not serious enough to act, not dedicated enough?

Now the entertainment industry in Taiwan is in the doldrums, how many actors have no drama, he went to the mainland to develop over the years, but he is 66 years old, even if he is good at filming again, how many books and how many plays can he receive?

People are decent for life, if not for his own reasons, who will be this age, but also out live with goods, but also very hard to well. And also by people so say three things.

We are not easy, I said this kind of people, say I forget, big deal, you shut me down, I pull you black. I am not afraid of this.

But don’t go around to release your heart full of malice to the old man.

The lines are not understood by the face palsy, net face, on the play is a mixer, in the variety show crazy to make the topic, off the play on the wild with goods, fishing for money to get up, and did not see so many people to say what they.

Anyway, people don’t care about it. On the contrary, so many hard-working, well-working people. Earn some money are particularly embarrassed. Afraid that they are sorry for the price.

But the same words, to stimulate these thin-skinned people, he will be especially to the heart, as with the knife, knife to blood, especially effective. So many people use these words to stimulate others, to experience the thrill of abuse

In the past few years, I have figured out one thing. That is decent people, really too good bullying.

In a relationship, you are always the best to be dumped, the easiest to be decent two words to hold. You are most embarrassed to fight and grab in your career. When you make money you are said two words, you feel more money hot hands. Then a lot of people also understand this, but also especially like decent people.

Because they are easy to be morally abducted, good abuse.

In fact, the more thin-skinned, to be decent children, the sooner you understand a truth the better.

Although we have to try to be decent. But those who only care that you are decent or not, but never care that you are happy or not.

Never be a friend.